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  1. You left everything and focused on her armpits?!
  2. Wow, she looks incredible here. Very stylish. And does anybody know by any chance the brand of the coat? It looks amazing.
  3. Here is a random comment: I love the fact she wears a lot of Bottega Veneta clothes and bags. I like that brand.
  4. I totally agree with you (sorry for the late reply).
  5. a couple of days ago she was answering on IG questions about her new OF and she said the content would be similar to Instagram but I gathered from her answers there will be nude as well.
  6. She indeed looks stunning in that video.
  7. Well, besides her decision to use makeup to try to make her lips look bigger than what they really are (totally unnecessary imo), I think she looks the same as ever. Perhaps her body is a little more toned.
  8. Also, perhaps even if she disclosed how much money she donated, some people would still find the amount too little or just find any reason to complain. I think we should all take it a little easy on some celebrities, especially when they are only 25 years old!
  9. Thanks a bunch! I agree with you she is naturally sexy and isn't trying hard to appear sexy, which makes her even sexier! Thanks again!
  10. An avalanche of fire. Over an hour of fire fire fire!!
  11. Thank you for this. I can't claim that I know much of anything about photography, but it is to my understanding that if the original photo is not hq, then there is not much to do about it.
  12. Many thanks for those photos. Isabella looks incredible as always, but are they really UHQ? A picture appears blurry with very little zooming.
  13. love this photo shoot, especially these two. The style, the setting, Constanze looking amazing...wow
  14. Wow, Taylor looks really beautiful and radiant in these photos. I Would love to see them in HD too.
  15. They look great together. Would love to see that photo shoot.
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