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  1. Why are fake long nails a thing now?? 🤮
  2. my favorite picture of her. What a beauty...
  3. I remember seeing an ad of Ralph Lauren (if I’m not mistaken) in a magazine years ago and I was so mesmerized by the beauty of the model that I searched for her and was so happy to have found her. It was of course Valentina. Then I searched for more pics about her and I was so taken aback by her pure and natural beauty. She looked elegant and just stable minded. I logged on her blog and found her to be so down to earth and easy going. So, I’m not surprised to know she is not desperate to work or anything like that. If she did things on her own terms, then good for her. She looks to be a beautiful person inside and out.
  4. Seeing these, I wish she would have done another Treats photo shoot or something similar. That was an amazing set.
  5. Oh my....oh my........oh wow......she is...she is.....I’m out of words....oh wow....
  6. Victor always shoots amazing sets. I think he is not as famous as he should be.
  7. oh ok I see. I guess they went with PU leather to reduce the cost as much as possible. While you are right the quality ain’t special, it looks great though in my opinion. Thanks for the reply!
  8. anybody know what’s the brand of that jacket? Hopefully they have a men version!
  9. Wow, she is getting into acting?! That’s so cool!
  10. Let’s say she now looks different
  11. She is very beautiful and has an amazing body. I think she could have been a top model if she was discovered by a good agent before she did the surgeries and went into porn
  12. Nothing new on this beauty?
  13. i guess he meant to say she went silent or was supportive of what’s going on right now in the US but then on her Chinese social media she is posting normally still.
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