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Heath Ledger


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OMG why :cry: :cry: :cry: This is one of those things that I wish was just a cruel sick joke. But sadly we know it isn't. Watching his movies will never be the same. I remember when Me and my sis saw The Patriot and he had gotten killed in the movie. My sis started to cry and I told her "calm down it's just a movie, he's alive in real life." I was really looking forward to seeing him in the new Batman movie as The Joker this summer. That role was going to be huge for his career. Even though I will go see it anyways it will be sad seeing it.

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“You’re forced into respecting yourself more. You learn more through your child about yourself I guess. It’s like a catch 22, I feel good about dying because I can live through through her, but with the same hand you don’t want to die because you want to be around for the rest of her life”
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Reported Thu, 24 January 2008

Johnny Depp is poised to replace tragic Heath Ledger in his latest film role, reports UK’s The Sun.

Heath, who was found dead Tuesday in New York, was six weeks away from finishing fantasy flick The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Now director Terry Gilliman wants his pal Johnny to film the remaining scenes. A studio source said: “There is a point in the film when Heath falls through a magic mirror. He could change into another character after that and that is where Johnny would come in.

“It’s a weird, fantasy, time-travel movie so Heath’s character could easily change appearance. It would be a poignant moment.

“Johnny’s not working at the moment so everyone is praying he will do it.”

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