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  1. Hey there everybody!! Long time no see! Tori just gets better all the time. It's amazing how she bounces back right after childbirth both times now......just amazing! She's been in the V.S. catalog and designed a couple suits for them, as I understand it, but never in the Show. I know she has gone on calls for it but wasn't chosen and I was really quite flabbergasted. I think her body in a swim suit is absolutely bangin'! Who else has those legs, too?? She could wear a great push up bra like the other girls do. Why not? The only thing is, I personally, can't really identify just exactly what V.S. is looking for anymore. I sure don't understand the direction of Sports Illustrated anymore. But, that's why they do what they do (whatever it is) and I do what I do. It's great to see all her Free People shots. I love their line anyway but she does it up mighty fine...... I wish I had some pics to add but I really am just here to say "hey" and to check out Tori..... Still love her to bits!
  2. Happy Birthday!!! :D

  3. All I wondering is if you think MJ will ever get over her crush on Crissy........is it possible at all? This was a very good issue but what has Crissy done to be on a cover, let alone in the issue.......My apologies to those who love her but I do not get it......I love Nina, truly. But Crissy is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me and remember that is only my opinion........MJ must be really crushing her hard!
  4. Isn't it great to see her back on the pages as a model? I LOVE her swimwear and have "had to" buy many pieces but this is how I really like to see her. I've been absent for awhile so this is a nice spread to see as I stop by. Hope everyone's been fine and I owe some messages back, I know.......I'll get to them, I promise, 'cuz I like getting them. I hope my time kind of frees up a bit every once in awhile so I can get back to contributing to Tori's forum. I think I still "love" her better than anyone else.
  5. I tried but it didn't work for me either.......Takes someone with far more talent that me!
  6. Geez! This isn't very good news.....stand up for yourself, Thais.... :dance: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2350558/Male-model-faces-charges-choking-biting-imprisoning-Guess-Jeans-modeling-fianc-e.html
  7. The little baby girl, Ryan Mahina , is here! She arrived on Feb. 28, Thursday. Congrats!!!!!! and more Congrats, Tori and Danny, and Happy Birthday, Ryan. 7 lb. 15 oz. and 20 inches long....
  8. I'm okay with them all but Chrissy could never do anything to make me approve of/like her......I'm sorry to offend, don't mean to but seriously....when the girl gets over herself, I might change my mind but then again, I bet I don't.......IMHO and not meaning to be rude. I love Nina and Cintia, though. In other news, I'm lovin' Barbara Palvin these days....
  9. Gorgeous pics!!! She's a gorgeous Mama-to-be, too! Won't be long now!
  10. I guess Marisa's son has arrived!! His name is Gavin Lee and he weighed at 8 lb. and 22.5 in long.........congrats!!!!
  11. Congrats to them and I'm so pleased they picked a regular name instead of something way out there!! That's a beautiful name.........Vivian Lake.....very beautiful.....
  12. Thanx for the posts, babylola........you do a fine job! I have visited your fan page quite a few times and you've made it just lovely......perfectly great! It's a great fan site to be proud of ........
  13. Thanx for the cutie pie posts, Babylola!! Seems like she's carrying her baby girl very low so soon she will probably start getting some longer legs like her Mommy and filling up the top of the belly. I bet she is a mover! Tori looks great for Vitamina also. She was so slim when she got preggers and still looks like she's all belly and boobies which is good! Beautiful prego Mom!
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