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Heath Ledger


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i think its stupid to say this role was part of his death, i mean i understand how getting in to this role u would have to be in a diffrent state of mind, but maybe it was also because long work hours, and stuff like that, i heard there was a 20 dollar bill rolled up on the floor, idk if its true, but i dont care to much for getting to know the lives of people i dont know, but i wanna see what happened, gotta wait 10 days.

im still gonna see dark knight, he played joker, amazingly.

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Yep! The 20 dollar bill is a non-issue. Nothing illegal found in the whole house says Ray Kelly, Commissioner, so it was a dreadful accident. I don't think people are told enough about the true danger of the sleeping pill, Ambien. Just one of them puts you in a different state altogether. But, they don't ever warn people. I'm still absolutely crushed!

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Yeah i too heard that taking Ambien with other drugs, whether it's prescribed or over the counter, can have a drastic and major affect on a person's state-of-mind....i'm sure it was all accidental in Heath's case...but still very sad...also, what really made it even sadder, was that he passed away on the day Hollywood was celebrating, since it was the day oscar noms were announced....i don't think he would have done anything he'd regret, it was probably just a coincidence that he passed away on that day....perhaps not getting nominated could have gotten him depressed? i don't want to speculate and cause any rumours, so i won't say anything more, though there was a possibility that THAT may have had something to do with it....but, his family in Perth, Australia, cleared up any misunderstandings of Heath being suicidal....they said he would NEVER do anything rash like that....so i'm relieved in one sense, yet totally mortified and saddened that he was taken from us at such a young age....heck, he could have been in his 60's and i would have still been sad cuz he was such a gifted actor....RIP Heath......

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Reported Thu, 24 January 2008

Johnny Depp is poised to replace tragic Heath Ledger in his latest film role, reports UK’s The Sun.

“Johnny’s not working at the moment so everyone is praying he will do it.”

Show must go on, huh? Impiously greedy mob that movie industry <_<

Anyway, Johnny's always a good choice though.

Well, from a studio's perspective, losing one of the stars in mid-shoot is a nightmare. Either they throw away whatever footage they shot with the deceased person, which, if it's a lead character might mean re-shooting 80% of the movie. Or they can opt to find a creative solution like the one presented above. Either way, they're screwed.

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Candy was an amazing movie

so was 10 things..

and a knights tale

and the patriot :p

Yep i agree.....a knight's tale was hilarious!!....does anybody remember Heath's first series called "Roar"? He was only 16 or 17 when he was in it...it was a short-lived series that came on during the summer of 1997....I LOVED that series!! He played Connor, an Irish leader who tries to unite other Irish tribes from the Romans....it's kinda like Braveheart, but on a much smaller scale...i just bought the complete series on ebay and can't wait to watch it again!!! :heart:

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when he was alive, no one did care about him -- No one posted here since 2006 ! and now that he is dead everyone seems to be fan.


You forgot about the crash last september which deleted many posts in many threads.

As for me: I was so stunned about his sudden death, that's why I posted here.

And even I have to admit that he was a good actor, although I wasn't a fan - that's why I haven't posted before.

But I see your point of course.

Same here.

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