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  1. Happy Birthday Coopie

  2. Hey coop, happy birthday :D

  3. Happy New Year. I hope you have a wonder year.

  4. omg how are you?? i havnt seen you around the forum in ages :(

    Hope you're well!!

  5. It got deleted because it's too sexy Nope, it's still there!!! here it is: He even talks in it too!!! http://www.louisa-models.de/site/pictureup...er_LMSIMPLE.mov
  6. you're welcome regarding that precious youtube clip lol....oh i am not sure about Robert and Lindsay...cuz i did see a youtube clip that was from July 2009 (i think, well it was summer i know) and he was interviewed on some tv news station, and the lady asked him something like ok the ladies of america want to know, are u seeing anybody? and his response was no he is single, the only commitment he has is to his new show, One Tree Hill.....so maybe after that aired he started seeing Lindsay?
  7. I found this cute comedy sketch on youtube!! it is so cute!! btw, i didnt know Robert is on One Tree Hill now? saw that on youtube too!!! yay, he's still on the telly!! oh and he was in People Magazine's "Most Beautiful People" issue for 2009 grrrrr it isnt posting a youtube vid for me for some reason, so here's the link to it:
  8. Yes!!! i saw the film and it was extremely well-done!! it was also very sad to see him one last time on stage....check out "this is it", the song MJ wrote and sang during the end credits!!
  9. thanks also for the Marks and Spencer pics!! those are so nice!!
  10. ahhhhh thanks so much for the new pics!!! ur the best!!
  11. Screen caps by me and the video i've gotten it from Emidio Tucci FW 2006-2007
  12. awwww i love those new pics, thanks!!! i love the airport ones..it is good to know that he flies first class lol....and i wonder if that is his gf, the brunette with him? they are a lovely couple!! oh, i noticed he flies US Air and out of LAX too...i prob walked his path cuz i fly out of there all the time and use that airline too....and thanks for sending me the link to watch those LJ episodes....so nice of ya to do that!!
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