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Heath Ledger


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first of all this is still unbelieveble !!! i still think i ll check again and i ll find thats some sort of stupid joke!!!

i have seen the guy in couple of movies nd thought he was simply different nd brilliant !!!

from the pictures i thought he looks strong as a person and accepting the fame as it comes....not showing off , but not hiding it either...

second..why ppl write ALL the time R.I.P. ??? Looks so cheap...I understand the meaning,but never got the short version of it as a respect to the person... Looks like from the carttons...Im sorry guys...just my opinion...

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I feel so bad for his family. And I agree with you Solo. I just feel better saying Rest in Peace instead. But to each his own, the meanings behind the RIPs are just the same

Anyway, I made a tribute for Heath Ledger a few hours ago.

My heart goes out to his family, especially his little girl :(

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the whole world is focused on him and gemma...

we hear from sources at Sundance that Michelle Williams is currently on a flight home from Sweden where she might have been filming Mammoth. No word on if she knows about this sad news yet./this is quote

In reaction to his death, former partner Michelle Williams was reported as saying that she was "devastated" at the loss and had boarded a plane to New York City. (wikipedia)

I can't live without Heath...He nearly was my everything... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Wow, I'm also still in shock.

I just came back 20 minutes ago to home, switched on my computer, and read about it on one of the websites.

All condolences to his friends and family, especially Matilda.

btw all this Gemma thing....they really were together? I thought it's just a truthless gossip.

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Here is a picture of Heath with Lily Cole, just a few days ago, on the set of their movie they were shooting when he died. :cry2: :cry2:

another with Joaquin Phoenix just hanging out and another one with his daughter, Matty, who looks just like him. :( :heart: :heart:

I am so crushed about this, for so many different reasons.




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