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  1. Ah, it wasn't so much work, guys, you did all the nominations and votings and keep participating, though it took aaaages to get here And I'm so glad we will get a change finally, I don't care who's up next If you have any ideas for further competitions on the Logo please feel free to post, I thought this would be the most democratic way to run a poll on it ...
  2. Care for a little statistic? So, the winner of the Logo competition is clearly Single Ladie - four of her nominations made it to the Logo list! Congrats, girl!! Single Ladie 4 (Irina, Natalia, Rachel, Coco) Follow ups are: Donbot 2 (Dioni & Marloes) Jennka 2 (Behati & Bregje) Katchitup 2 (Karlie & Doutzen) Ketrin 2 (Emily & Xenia) Ophelia Immortal 2 (Cintia & Solange) Liika 2 (Jon & Andy) Pink Couture 2 (Marcella & Matt) DizzyMissLizzy 1 (Klara) Vogue girl 1 (Christy) Squeege Beckenheim 1 (Anais) ILUVBarbaraPalvin 1 (Katsia) MissLimaVzla 1 (Barbara) Mahi 1 (Sigrid)
  3. So the first Logo-Trio is ... Behati, Karlie and Dioni!! Donbot will design the new Logo and said to do it quickly, so keep your eyes open for a change in a matter of days The Trio will stay for about 3 month and the we will move down this list: 2. Klara, Emily, Marloes 3. Katsia, Doutzen, Anais 4. Marcella, Barbara, Sigrid 5. Laetitia, Cintia, Jon 6. Xenia, Natasha, Irina 7. Heather, Matt, Christy 8. Solange (formerly known as UTM2, Esti, Bregje 9. Andy, Rachel, Natalia 10. Auguste, Coco, Charlotte Thank you all soooo much for participating, you were awesome!!
  4. Andy, Esti and Irina made it to the Logo!! WE DID IT, GUYS! THE COMPETITION IS NEARLY FINISHED!! Now I'm gonna put all the names in a big bowl, do a blind draw and present you with the final pairings/Trios for this is how the logo will look like, donbot made an awesome dummy
  5. My votes ... Match 1 Andi Match 2 Esti Match 3 Esti Match 4 Nicolas Match 5 Nicolas Match 6 Shanina Match 7 Esti Match 8 Andy Match 9 Esti Match 10 Sasha Match 11 Nicolas Match 12 Andi Match 13 Andy Match 14 Esti Match 15 Shanina Match 16 Andi Match 17 Andy Match 18 Esti Match 19 Andi Match 20 Andy Match 21 Andi
  6. Coco, Matt and Natalia made it to the Logo!! And now .... LAST GROUP! Geeez!! Group J Match 1 Andi vs Andy vs Match 2 Andy vs Esti vs Match 3 Esti vs Irina vs Match 4 Irina vs Nicolas vs Match 5 Nicolas vs Sasha vs Match 6 Sasha vs Shanina vs Match 7 Andi vs Esti vs Match 8 Andy vs Irina vs Match 9 Esti vs Nicolas vs Match 10 Irina vs Sasha vs Match 11 Nicolas vs Shanina vs Match 12 Andi vs Irina vs Match 13 Andy vs Nicolas vs Match 14 Esti vs Sasha vs Match 15 Irina vs Shanina vs Match 16 Andi vs Nicolas vs Match 17 Andy vs Sasha vs Match 18 Esti vs Shanina
  7. LikeAFineWine suggested we should have a thread for Advertising Campaigns and here it is To make it easier to navigate please make sure you put in the name of the brand and the season in your post. If you have any additional information like photographer, model names, stylist etc it would be nice for you to include those in your post as well
  8. LikeAFineWine suggested we should have a thread for Fashion Magazines and here it is So feel free to post everything related to fashion magazines like editorials, covers etc. To make it easier to navigate please make sure you put in the title and issue/ date of the magazine where the cover or editorial/pictures are from. If you have any additional information like photographer, model names, stylist etc it would be nice for you to include those in your post as well
  9. I definitely know the first one, I just don't remember her name
  10. Roslyn Taber (The Misfits) Cleopatra (Cleopatra) Clarissa (The Hours) Clementine Kruczynski (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) Peggy Carter (Captain America)
  11. That seems to have gone quiet, but I didn't get an answer. To recap: 1) I had in my liocation field a URL (non-comercial site http://models-in-boots.proboards.com/i) 2) Somebody edited it and left the message that is there noew, and somebody gave me a warning. I assumed it is the same person, but CarMELita wrote that he remove the URL but didn't give the warning http://www.bellazon....00#entry2963939 3) Assuming the warning was for the URL in the Location field, that is not fair because it clearly doesn't appear in any way in the list of warnable offences. So, either: 1) It should be a
  12. My votes ... Match 1 Alyssa Match 2 Amber Match 3 Coco Match 4 Coco Match 5 Natalia Match 6 Olya Match 7 Amber Match 8 Coco Match 9 Amber Match 10 Natalia Match 11 Olya Match 12 Coco Match 13 Alyssa Match 14 Natalia Match 15 Olya Match 16 Matt Match 17 Natalia Match 18 Olya Match 19 Natalia Match 20 Olya Match 21 Olya
  13. Soooo, Christy, Marcella and Sigrid made it to the Logo!! Group I Match 1 Alex vs Alyssa vs Match 2 Alyssa vs Amber vs Match 3 Amber vs Coco vs Match 4 Coco vs Matt vs Match 5 Matt vs Natalia vs Match 6 Natalia vs Olya vs Match 7 Alex vs Amber vs Match 8 Alyssa vs Coco vs Match 9 Amber vs Matt vs Match 10 Coco vs Natalia vs Match 11 Matt vs Olya vs Match 12 Alex vs Coco vs Match 13 Alyssa vs Matt vs Match 14 Amber vs Natalia vs Match 15 Coco vs Olya vs Match 16 Alex vs Matt vs Match 17 Alyssa vs Natalia vs Match 18 Amber vs Olya vs Match 19 Alex vs Natalia
  14. Honiiiies, I'm so so sorry I kept you waiting Unforetellable issues happened and I wasn't with my laptop at the weekend so I couldn't update anything I'll post the next group in a sec!!
  15. My votes ... Match 1 Christy Match 2 Christy Match 3 Lana Match 4 Marcella Match 5 Sigrid Match 6 Valerie Match 7 Lana Match 8 Christy Match 9 Lana Match 10 Marcella Match 11 Valerie Match 12 Marcella Match 13 Christy Match 14 Lana Match 15 Marcella Match 16 Adriana Match 17 Christy Match 18 Lana Match 19 Adriana Match 20 Christy Match 21 Valerie
  16. Heather, Natasha and Charlotte made it to the Logo!! YAY!! We're almost done, guys, three more groups! Group H Match 1 Adriana vs Christy vs Match 2 Christy vs Lana vs Match 3 Lana vs Marcella vs Match 4 Marcella vs Naomi vs Match 5 Naomi vs Sigrid vs Match 6 Sigrid vs Valerie vs Match 7 Adriana vs Lana vs Match 8 Christy vs Marcella vs Match 9 Lana vs Naomi vs Match 10 Marcella vs Sigrid vs Match 11 Naomi vs Valerie vs Match 12 Adriana vs Marcella vs Match 13 Christy vs Naomi vs Match 14 Lana vs Sigrid vs Match 15 Marcella vs Valerie vs Match 16 Adriana vs Naom
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