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The best VS show?


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Which year do you think Victoria's secret show was the best?

I think the year that Victoria's Secret was in France was the best. In that show I think they had on all gold underwear with all gold accessories and the whole backround was glitter and I think at the end they had the angels come down on wires and flapping their wings. It was simply magnificent.

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I've only seen the ones shown on ABC and CBS (in the States), and I think 2001 was the best show. I like how they interviewed the models and put that into the show. The last two they mostly showed how hectic things are backstage, which is something I already knew about, and it doesn't interest me. I want to see beautiful women walking around in skimpy underwear, not some key grip shouting "Outta the way! Wings coming through!" Also, 2001 had Molly Sims and Daniela Pestova- two of my favorites.

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i'm very torn between 2003 and 2001.

2001 was brilliant. it was when i first fell in love with Karolina Kurkova (she opened the show in the huge santa boots -- GLORIOUS!) and it had tyra looking HOT and Eva H. and Rie Rasmussen.

But, 2003 was perfection too. the editing was great, the models were wonderful, the music was totally on par. i loved how the music changed for every single model (either subtely or dramatically). it really left an impression of the actual model and her walk. for example, EVERY time i hear "Rockstar" by N.E.R.D, i am immediately pleased to have a vision of Tyra strutting down the runway. Same with "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence --- it just instantly makes me think of KK and her 'pony-walk' == as Oprah calls it.

2005 sucked, IMO. the music was really terrible, not properly edited to the models, and the filming was soooo wrong.

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To me 2001 show was the best,all that music,models were awesome.Especially Eva Herzigova :wub: and Ale's cuteness on runway(most of the time her runway walk is not good but in 2001 she was awesome :wub: ).Than 2003 show,Adriana was so sexy and beautiful.

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2003 was my favourite, but my favourite segment ever is the russian segment from the 2005 show, which eugenia opened like a real russian queen ! i'm amazed everytime i see it :wub:

omg me too! i taped it and i loved that part esp. when someone shouts, "the russian babe! wooooh!" she really was a babe in there...her presence on the runway is so strong and im glad she opened it...

i love the songs from last year's show...very much!!! love's divine and the russian theme...it was so cool!snoop dog's drop it like its hot son mixed with a russian song...and i loved how natasha had a shoe malfunction on the runway..it made the show so real..hahaha! her feet was focused and you can just see how professional she was...and when adri opened the candy themed part, my heart was pumping..hahaha!

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