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  1. Her breasts are getting even bigger than Lais ?
  2. What about Josephine Skriver ? She seems to be the only VS model with cleavage... Except Lais Ribeiro which is even bigger but seems more natural.
  3. Do you really think Ale wears 34D ?
  4. Just FYI I have the Russian segment song here: It's by Paul M--something. It features the instrumentals--the strings and choir humming, not the remix. http://rapidshare.de/files/9004678/paul_ma...plaine.mp3.html Thx a million... Paul Mauriat I CANT believe it... I thought it was a sovietic song or something from URSS... autre sujet:For me, Bianca Balti was the best model of the show.
  5. thank you ! The one of the "Russian segment" is good, as all this part of the show.
  6. I think the best one was in 2001. The models are every year perfect, but the music , and the decorations (les decors ?) were the best that year.
  7. pics of the event, but I'm afraid not the one you're looking for... Oluchi is sublime...
  8. Sometimes, she meets the other VS model, to show WHO is the best. 1st meeting: 2nd meeting: 3,4 and 5th meeting later
  9. This afternoon, I'm going to convince you that she's the best. AAAAND:
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