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  1. Candids

    gosh,they look beyond awesome together.my new fav couple! :)
  2. Candids

    i'm in love with this girl's style.and she looks sexy smoking
  3. The BEST of Bellazon

    Adriana x3
  4. News

    Adriana beats Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson and takes the first place in ''I'd like to spend my Valentine's Day with ...'' survey in Turkey's most famous newspaper after 5.5 million visits and a week of voting. http://www.milliyet.com.tr/2007/02/14/son/sonyas01.asp gallery: http://www.milliyet.com.tr/content/galeri/...mp;galeriid=302 you see,on the contrary of the common belief,she's not only popular here in this forum she's everyone's favorite.almost
  5. BZ Top 100 Most Desirable

    Izabel Goulart Face: 55(umm..sorry) Body: 80 Sexiness: 55 Natural Beauty: 65 Frankie Rayder Face: 80 Body: 80 Sexiness:85 Natural Beauty: 85 Fernanda Tavares Face: 70 Body: 88 Sexiness: 80 Natural Beauty: 89 Adriana Lima Face: 97 Body: 95 Sexiness: 95 Natural Beauty: 95 Monica Bellucci Face: 95 Body: 90 Sexiness: 100 Natural Beauty: 95
  6. Last movie you saw...

    Barda(A turkish movie about a group of young people being hostaged by a group of vagrant men in a bar they always visit.nice act,nice music,not the best movie by the director.5/10)
  7. Candids

    she looks just too good in her new candids..pretty pretty
  8. "Things that you could never live without"

    MY - toothbrush,mascara,lipgloss,blusher,curler,mints,glasses,balenciaga bag,chanel chance fragrance,monthly rolling stone magazine,little mirror,ipod,cellphone,marlboro menthols(yeah,i started to smoke ),zippo lighter,paper serviettes,tweezers,nail file...
  9. Now Playing

    Shivaree ft. Tom Waits - Flycatcher
  10. Catherine Zeta-Jones or Rachel Weisz?

    I like them both but i like Rachel more so..Rachel. Rachel definitely. Catherine is a bit hotter than Rachel but i like her more again soo..Rachel.
  11. The best editorial. Vote!!!

    Sexy:Daria(her body is just perfect here ) Sweet:Daria Original:Natalia(how original and amazing) OVERALL:DARIA
  12. BZ Top 100 Most Desirable

    Jessica Stam Face:92 Body:70 Sexiness:75 Natural Beauty:95 Snejana Onopka Face:80 Body:85 Sexiness:65 Natural Beauty:95 Cheryl Tweedy Face:75 Body:60 Sexiness:40 Natural Beauty:60
  13. Raoul Bova

    ^second one is just too sexy for words!totally drooling there he was great in La Finestra Di Fronte
  14. Gaspard Ulliel

    amazing face