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What shock me the most is her weight & the make-up... And now u say 300 million people saw that? :blink:

Poor Christina... Now she is going to be the chick who messed up the American anthem till the end of her life :mellow:

I hope she is no going to drown her sorrows in food? :ninja:

I agree

She knew 300 million people were going to watch her & she decided to get her make up & hair done like that? :blink:

I think that people should be more "offended" by that :laugh: You can say that she messed the words because she was nervous, but for her style has no excuses!

& she did mess the lyrics, but at least her voice was perfect as always

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^ Christina has one of the most beautiful voices in the world....after Alicia Keys and Adele of course :wub:

Christina is an amazing singer and I adore her voice but she should learn to turn the volume down from time to time.

Singing load doesn't mean screaming.

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I must clarify that I said highest rated program in a country with over 300 million people, not 300 million viewers. The measured record is around 106 million Americans or something, but that's the lesser note.

The main thing is, people are very forgiving of celebrities and have forgiven and forgotten much greater things than forgetting some words :) . She says she just got caught up in the moment and lost her place, but she didn't burn the flag of course. That said, her clothes are used to the worst dressed lists, so that's no new ground there and though I hope she doesn't get to obese obviously (for the sake of health), I honestly don't see the point of being rich and not enjoying food and pregnancy probably just made her finally realize that :idk: . She probably thinks she was like a eunuch with a harem before and now sees what she was missing :) .

Sorry sagi :blush: . 4 votes Needed

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