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Survival of the fittest competition

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Aranka    0

Don't know if there has been any post like this before, but I searched for it and couldn't find it. There were elimination games but that's not what I was intending to do.

That's why I thought it would be a nice addition to have like a competition in which we each time feature one model vs the other until one of the two gets 10 (NOW 8) points. Every person can only post 1 time in each round and has to give 1 point to the model of their choice (so no 0,5-0,5 votes). The one who gives the winning vote can then choose another model who has the honour of battling against the winning model to see which of the 2 would get 10 (NOW 8) votes.

For example I will now start with Lujan Fernandez vs. Yesica Toscanini (both Argentinian models who were in the same team at the Bellazon Cup of Nations). Because I personally prefer Yesica Toscanini more then Lujan Fernandez my points would go to Yesica Toscanini. Other people may now choose which of these two they prefer based on their personal preference all the way until someone gives the 10th vote (8th VOTE NOW) for a certain model. He then chooses a new model to face the winning model in a new round (all the ones who previously voted are now allowed to vote again).

Say for instance Lujan Fernandez won. The winner may now decide to let Lujan Fernandez face off against one model he likes or which he thinks would be a nice challenge. For example he could choose Fernanda Tavares since they have similar builds (If I am allowed to take certain liberties).

Hopefully a lot of people will make additions to this thread so it will stay lively and competitions are refreshed on a daily basis. Towards this end I would advise people NOT to directly put in Adriana Lima or Petra Nemcova as seeing the fan base towards them on this site would probably lead to a dead end in which those 2 will claim almost all rounds by being the first to obtain 10 (8 NOW) votes.

Now here is the first round................

On the one hand we have : Yesica Toscanini



Her opponent: Lujan Fernandez


Voting may commence now !!

Yesica Toscanini[1]


Lujan Fernandez[0]

Have fun all and vote away :wave:

Thread Moved. ~ Post Edited by Joe > Average

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Aranka    0
Did you ask Gigi permission to be able to use his pictures?

Well no, I'm afraid I did not.....I actually should have asked him to use his compilation (not really pictures because they belong to their respective owners) but I'm afraid it's a bit late for that now. Just wanted to put up some pics of the ladies in question and found that the style of Gigi was actually quite nice. Alas I couldn't do it myself so that's why I put up these.....I'll now ask if Gigi doesn't mind or else replace them. Thanks for giving me this ethical reminder prettyphile.

Btw..sarnic...you should update your vote on the rest of the voting, thus making the total score now:

Yesica Toscanini[5]


Lujan Fernandez[2]

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Aranka    0
Haven't 5 people have voted for Yesica but she has 6 votes :dontgetit:

You're right

Didn't see that you already counted Sarnic's vote along in your post, so it's now:

Yesica Toscanini[6]


Lujan Fernandez[3]

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