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Prison Break

Jimmy Changa

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Whoa!! Anybody wanna fill me in on what happened yesterday?? I got mad because I thought it wasn't going to show since the whole Presential whatever speech on immigration showed instead of Prison Break. >=[ Ahhh.. It seems soo exciting and I missed it.. =[

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oh great, look at how they left us hanging again <_<

Yeah, that seems to be the trend. Crossing Jordan did it, the regular Law & Order did it, and now Prison Break. I found it kinda funny that Haywire and the wigga made it. Haywire is just on a Bicycle with a football helmet on, just chillin'!!! :rofl: The wigger is in the back in whatever they call those things that carry horses on the concrete streets. It's on a highway headed to St. Louis. I was also glad at what happened to T-Bag. :D I have no idea why Sucre gave a damn.

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