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  1. Aeneas

    Jessica Alba

    Someone needs a serious English lesson.
  2. lol yeah some talk.... And advertising as fine, as long as it's tasteful advertising! I basically can't go to any site without seeing that crap.
  3. If someone could do something about all these naked whores spammed at the bottom of the site and on the posted images. It's really not appropriate to me and i'm sick of seeing it.
  4. How can you crawl into bed and kiss a guy who did that?!?!
  5. didn't he drink horse cum on jackass one time after jerking it off? or was that another guy
  6. He was a really hot elf in The Santa Clause 2...I watched it like 5 times just to look at him!
  7. Aeneas

    Jessica Alba

    what's the point of makeup when there's 10 tons of airbrushing?
  8. So that's what took a week to come up with...fascinating.
  9. If things continued to get more corrupt NO, if they stayed pretty much the same, probably And immortality is a gift.
  10. parfum = perfume it's french I think there's so need to translate it. We know she's refering to perfume. Ah nuts to you. :yuckky: Not surprised and offended when it comes from an ignorant as you are. Screw yourself in the can. It's not a French board.
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