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  1. {name}

    Keira Knightley

    I AN CRAZY ABOUT HER! her lips...))
  2. {name}

    Happy Birthday ^_^

  3. {name}

    Hayden Christensen

    last foto is just genious.
  4. {name}

    Kevin Zegers

    he is amazing and extremely hoooot. i like his movie smth like "it's boy girl thing" he is great their!!!
  5. {name}

    Chris Evans

    he is amazing!!!!!
  6. {name}

    Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

    i dont like them and moreover I dont think that they are beautiful!!!!
  7. {name}

    Topher Grace

    he is so sexy.....................
  8. {name}

    ShahRukh Khan

  9. {name}

    ShahRukh Khan

  10. {name}

    ShahRukh Khan

  11. {name}

    ShahRukh Khan

  12. {name}

    Adam Brody

  13. {name}

    Adam Brody

  14. {name}

    Adam Brody

  15. {name}

    Adam Brody

    they look so cute together...