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  1. Well said SS. Can we just the resist our need for drama? If not, there are plenty of other forums for that too.
  2. Yeah, please use Blue-Grey till I get things figured out
  3. I was "screwing things up" just for the fun of it apparently. I'm getting things back to normal now.
  4. FIREFLY! (damn Fox so got it wrong to cancel that!!)
  5. I heard it wasn't that good....anyone see it?
  6. Aeon Flux BARELY manages to stay out of my all-time suck list...but that new AVP 2 didn't....man, they fucked up what could have been great....typical!
  7. Once Upon A Time In Mexico: Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas, Eva Mendes, Johnny Depp
  8. Interesting quote from the author of the book ..."My books are about killing God." Source: http://www.snopes.com/politics/religion/compass.asp
  9. Well, these movies aren't pure horror flicks, they are a combo thing, so we can't fear that Alice will "die at any time".
  10. i'm man enough to admit it.... plus, i am what i eat ...aaaaahahaha
  11. Guess my favorites are when Sci-Fi or Fantasy is done well... 1. Serenity 2. V for Vendetta 3. Chronicles of Riddick 4. LOTR
  12. I'll be there when it opens. :^)
  13. ^lol I can see what you mean, MLA about Megan being annoying. If she wasn't so damn hot, I would agree they shoulda used someone else...lol The movie was pretty cool overall. Shia is a damn good actor. The effects were great and the story was interesting enough. There were several parts that were goofy (like the autobots hiding from the parents), but I didn't mind.
  14. Transformers....pretty cool. :^)
  15. Zapata and the Mexican Revolution
  16. Good points ^^ My main issue with this film and honestly, the whole series so far, is the lack of mystery. In the comics there was suspense and mystery surrounding some crimes or events that Spidey had to figure out. We don't have any of that here. The films focus WAY too much on MJ and Peter's relationship crap. Ladeeda, he's ignoring me, wah wah i need to break up so he isn't hurt...boo hooo. Give me more Law & Order and less Pretty In Pink.
  17. I created my own favorites page...you don't need the addy.
  18. Acquired Halle-Berry.us recently and added some Halle Berry Wallpaper. Hope to have more up soon.
  19. BTW, I added some wallpapers and avatars to RosarioDawson.us.
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