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  1. Not all of them are Latin. I have searched 7-8 years for beautiful women in the net, and I know the name of hundreds of very beautiful women. That's why I'm so convinced that In├ęs is perhaps the most beautiful woman in the history of mankind. At least from the women having pictures in internet. Here is one list (not all the names I know): This is a very very old list. I haven't finish looking through the list, but already it's missing way too many names (even by 2005 standards). But checking it the list all the way to C, I have noticed a common pattern. A lot of the women have strong, very assertive features, particulary the nose and jawline area. These are features that many people, including myself find to be attractive. But sometimes very advanced facial bone development like these kinda went overboard to the point that some of them look too aged. or masculine even. Perhaps not surprisingly some of the women listed there are bodybuilders. Anyway, now that this is no longer 2005, I am sure worshipper has updated his list and probably find women way more beautiful than Ines Sastre.
  2. Who is the woman in this music video? Seems like there is another woman in the second half of the video 1:40 ?
  3. You come to my thread assuming the worst of my motives. Instead of asking me for clarifications, like what normal people do whenever they are suspicious, you continued fueling your own biases by reading into my brief responses what you see to be undeniable evidence of my evil motives. You not only twist my words out of context, but you inserted words into my mouth. Then, you try to be snarky and caricaturize me. So, I reciprocated, mirroring your deeds in an attempt to expose the irony of it all. And I guess I must have touched a nerve, possibly exposing your social justice bravado as a ludicrous subterduge to project your own racism on me.
  4. Why? Is this not part of natural selection? That's what scientific racists, eugenicists, and later, actual Nazis thought. I'm not surprised we've ended up here given the earlier reference to craniometry. This is a bad thread. People who do that oftern twist science to suit their political agenda, so what they do is not real science. Even that wikipedia article argue against Nordic mythicism, the pet theory of most scientific racists who happen to be of Nordic origins. But, I suppose, that sort of irony would fly over someone with the stereotypical Nordic beauty as his avatar.
  5. Why? Is this not part of natural selection?
  6. Has she gotten good at cringe comedy or are the guys overacting?
  7. How do you measure things like body smart, social skills or artistic creativity?
  8. That defeats the purpose then. Brings up interesting point: -what if the smartness is not the sort that's certifiable?
  9. That's not necessary. http://www.bustle.com/articles/19718-science-says-you-can-judge-a-mans-intelligence-based-on-his-looks-but-how-exactly
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