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Fellows :wave:

It took 530 days to reach my 2nd goal :sleep: (Check out my first milestone:cain:).

I need a group of crazy members to celebrate it with me :hell yea!: Let's party :dance:

Next goal = 77777, I need you Nich @_@


Thanks for everyone who spent their precious time to pip with me, cheers


Don't get drunk ;)

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Congrats Lyon deary! :hug: :flower:


Congrats Lyon


Don't get drunk? Hmmm, maybe I'll give this thread a miss then! post-21823-0-1445978725-74272_thumb.gif (Don't worry, I'll take you home)


Congratulations, of course... :wave:


Don't get drunk? Hmmm, maybe I'll give this thread a miss then! post-21823-0-1445978725-75088_thumb.gif



Congrats Lyon :hehe:

where is Genta, still hasn't congratulated you? :ninja: (She is procrastinating :)) <_<


here I am :persuazn:

11 days later, ( :ninja: ) here I am congratulating you lyon :flower: and wishing you all the best for life :hug:

11 days? :blink: You shouldn't take Maths :no: Better turn to Geography or History :cain:

It seems that I'm quite obscure, 5 people only for 2 days :cain:

Anyway, Hugs to you all :grouphug:

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