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The Totally Spurious Victoria's Secret Thread


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Not only her contract my friend, but her empire as a whole is expanding faster than the universe. Case in point her film career is on the rise as my sources tell me that Adriana Lima is scheduled to play Gypsey Vampiress Mirela Petulengro in one of the upcoming Twilight prequels :) .
Oh lawdy - make it stop!!! :pinch: I'd say: get a wooden stake, fast, but I suspect she'd be a "special" vampire with "special" powers and she won't be affected by something as common as that... post-11221-0-1446084893-55038_thumb.gif

You see, I'm noticing a trend where Adriana's concerned! :whistle:

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Its rumored Belarusian model Maryna Linchuk was deeply disapointed about not getting the role and that she had her heart set on playing Mirela Petulengro


In a ratio interview, the famous activist Al Sharpton mentioned affirmative action and racial discrimination on the grounds of Maryna being too light skinned for the character and that the Twilight franchise should be sued...


But an anonymous friend of the model says its all idle gossip and that Maryna not only has no plans of sueing the franchise, but is only happy for her fashion collegue :) .

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So stoopid. I wanted a Lindsay Ellingson one. And you could like, dress it up as a cow girl, the little red riding hood, a black white widow, put feathers on her head...
^ Wait - I think she'll be in the third-wave of releases. VS are just naturally cautious after the thousands of unsold Tickle-Me Kylie Bisutti dolls ended up as landfill or in one of those attempts to plug the oil-spill... :p
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Remember Angels Across America?

Well Victoria's Secret is doing it again! Get ready for:


Incredibles Across Canada! Or at least Across VS Stores.

Come join us as we celebrate VS going global. Come meet Candice, Rosie, Chanel, Candice, Erin and Candice in Yorkdale Dec 2, West Edmonton Mall Dec 4, Square One Shopping Centre Dec 6 and Toronto Eaton Dec 8. You can also take part in a special contest to get a lesson in how to dress to get a guy's attention courtesy of everybody's fave Incredible Candice Swanepoel, slutty lingerie and a lot of other Incredible *wink wink, nudge nudge* prizes.

Come awt here, VS's Incredibles are waiting for you!

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^Aw Pretty, since your explanation I have new found love for that "FFFFUUUU" guy (and thanks for the WIN)! And that sums it up: JUST SPREAD THE LOVE VS. :no: We had that Who Is Victoria? shit a couple of years ago - seems fairly obvious now that the answer is Candice! <_<

You're wrong Baron ... Didn't you know that from now & on they changed the name to Candice's Secret?

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