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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread


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Can you spot the missing two?


didn't Tyra have one? o.O

WTF?! Why did they cut out Gisele & Tyra? !

Maybe they didn't leave on as good of terms as we all thought?

I always knew Gisele didn't leave in good terms & this is just a confirmation ... If they're not in the video it's because VS is not allowed to use any footage with them anymore & if they don't allow VS to use their image (even if it's 5+ years old) it's because they clearly want nothing to do with them. If it was a random model like Selita who wasn't in the video that would be fine because she didn't make that much of a big splash as an Angel or with the Fantasy Bra, but both Gisele & Tyra were really popular so i don't think VS would cut them just because.

Gisele leaving VS in good terms always sounded like BS to me :whistle:

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Why would they not retain rights to footage/video that they already owned? They still have their pictures archived on their website, they can still run any and all commercials they have. Hell one of Gisele's bras, (red hot) was on one of their dvd's, which means they own the copy write to publish said video. I truly don't think either woman left on great terms. :idk: could be wrong, but the bra's those two women wore were some of the best and to cut them out is a little bit suspect.

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I don't think they any pictures of them in their sites, if you look for pictures of Gisele in the browser that are from the exact same set of pictures as Adriana, Alessandra or even former Angels like Karolina & Izabel you won't be able to get them, they are completely gone from the site/browser ... It's like if Gisele was just never there

I'm not sure about Tyra though as i wasn't around the whole VS thing when she was modeling for them, but im pretty sure they don't use anything with her either

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The pictures are still archived and available if you know where to look on their website. They own the photos, they own the rights to the photos. That is part and parcel of a contract. It'd be like saying Valentina, (who is contracted to Ralph Lauren) can say when and if they use her images. Regardless if she works for the company or not all previous images used or taken, or video for that matter is owned by the company that contracted for them to be taken not by the model.

It's the same for Maybelline. Josie, Adriana and other girls that are no longer with the brand are still having their images used, albeit very irregularly because the parent company, (aka Mayeblline) owns the images and videos. So if VS, who I'm fairly certain has video and photos of every single fantasy bra they've ever had in their archives or on dvd's then they retain the right to use them at their discretion when they choose to. In this case it looks like they chose not to for whatever reason.

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Claudia Schiffer ^

hm it is weird why they would leave out Gisele and Tyra, plus they both wore the most expensive bras ever no?

Well I don't know Gisele's standing with VS, but she remains on good terms with Ed Razek (if that means anything), I do know that for a fact.

He interviewed her last year for Vogue Brazil celebrating her 15 years in modeling and his question was what was one of her favorite clients you've ever worked with, and she said "dear ed of course you were one of them", something of that nature... She and Tom also stay at his penthouse suite in Miami when they visit there. Ed also (very positively) name drops her to Forbe's.com every year on those models lists and other Forbe's articles written about her. VS included her and Tyra last year for their 15 years of Swim. :idk:

Could it have something to do with her having her own lingerie brand now?

They didn't include Tyra either and she seemingly left on good terms with a whole show dedicated to her,so..

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Just because they might be in good standing with Ed doesn't mean they are in good with Ed's boss Sharen Turney. Sharen and Tyra have supposedly been on the "outs" for about 6 years now, apparently there were too many disputes over how much Tyra believes she should of been getting paid and the reality of what she was getting paid.

If Sharen doesn't like you, there nothing Monica or Ed can do to save your career.


Weren't the bra's that Tyra and Gisele wore sold? Perhaps once they were sold the owners retained rights over the image of the bra(s) in question. Odder things have happened... and sadly money talks and if people are willing to shell out 10+ million dollars they can pretty much ask for anything they want.

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If Tyra and Gisele both turned their names officially into a brand.. VS isn't allowed to use their names. They can use videofootage like in 2010 or pictures but they are not allowed to use their name without permission. Like they have done know with all the Fantasy bra's in the videos, which include all the names of the models.

I've read this comment more than once and this could be true... VS used footage of both women for years and like many people say it's probably just a business thing and not a personal thing.

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Yay moar Erin and :heart: Candice :heart:

- I can barely contain the overwhelming feelings I'm having, someone hold me! :evil: On a serious note this is clearly the most awesome news ever Siemgi :blush: Thanks for bringing it to our attention. /huggles

- What I don't understand is how anyone couldn't just adore the most "famous angel of all time" (I didn't say it, don't shoot the messenger)?

- Also haters VS knows what they're doing.. so have a little faith, they clearly understand we aren't sick of seeing them all the time... :wub::fun:

Candice and Erin TOGETHER TO THE TOP. TTTT!!

o.m.g and we can't forget about Erin who is so in touch with her inner Candice that she's slowly morphing into her, how cool is that? IMO that's BLOODY AWESOME! :chicken: :heart:

Endice the unstoppable blonde machine capable of bringing down even skyrim, and to quote Matthew Wilder who said it best.

Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride

Nobody's gonna slow me down, oh-no

I got to keep on moving

Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride

I'm running and I won't touch ground

Oh-no, I got to keep on moving

Adriana/Ale get on it ladies, blonde power activate!! Bitches need to dye their hair and join TTTT.

Poor Lindsay always left out :(

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Yay! I can't stand the excitement :heart:

How about you start using Doutzen again VS? :war: :war: :war:

Aaaaaaaand she was mostly left out of the Dream Angels commercial (if you don't blink you can see her strutting with Erin, Candice and Lindsay for half a second, before some dumbass raises their wings), also starring Adriana and Lais.

And starring Lindsay, Miranda, Chanel, Izabel and obviously Erin and Candice, you have a new pajama commercial


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