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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread


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I knew Miranda was getting that bra even before the last show, once i saw Adriana got the 2010 Bra i just knew Miranda would get it post-pregnancy too :laugh: I really hope this bra doesn't suck & she gets to do a nice runway presentation, i don't want her to get screw like Adriana & Marisa in the past three shows, i honestly hated it. However, while i love love Miranda i was hoping Ale would get the bra finally this year because she deserves it the most ... But i think that maybe Ale's small bobbies could part of the problem

& you know what? Im putting my money on the bra being "The Showstopper 2011 Fantasy Bra"

As for Rosie ... I have the huge feeling she won't even show up at the show this year, is she even working with VS these days?

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How do you know that Miranda got the fantasy bra? do you have any picture of the fantasy bra? I want to see how the fantasy bra looks like.

hope miranda doesn't fill the bra with her milk.

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.... you hope the bra doesn't fill with up milk? O.O :rofl:

That's not the way lactating breasts work dahlin.. Plus she doesn't breast feed anymore. Chances are she took the pills about a month or so ago to dry herself up so she didn't leak all over the place. And even if in the off chance she's still producing milk, it wouldn't be enough to fill up the bloody thing lolololol

Mmmm just add chocolate syrup. :rofl: Delicious and Nutritious

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VS is launching a new beauty line & guess who's the face?! Candice ... Le shock!

Meet VS Angel

Candice Swanepoel

and discover your own fantasy!

Tuesday, July 19


Victoria’s Secret at The Grove

6301 West 3rd Street

Los Angeles

Get your photo taken with our Angel and explore the VS Fantasies Collection.

Spend $50 on any VS Fantasies products and get access to the faster VIP line.

One photo per customer.

VS Facebook

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YAY more botox beauty.

Excuse you! How dare you imply that Candice has done anything to her flawless face! <_< You are just jealous you don't have naturally Photoshopped skin. You probably also hate her for her soulless eyes... Only ugly people can convey emotions through their soul-windows. :whistle:

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Pffff you're so wrong Pretty! Don't you dare messing with baby Candice, she's clearly everyone's favo girl, the one we are ALL dying to see in the VS events, they just don't show her as much as they should... We're not getting enough Candice! :persuazn:

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No, she can show up

Just put a bag over her head, cut the eye holes and tape her mouth. We'll be fine.

Can we add a potato sack to that equation and a pair of dark sunglasses?

(I've only been back a day and I can smell a warning already. FML.)


I'm done now. :ninja:

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Missed you :rofl::wub:

And :idk: Her eyes are hot! The body is hot!

Just not the face or the teeth :yuckky:

The color of her eyes is nice but their shape and expression are pretty derpy to me, and her body... well... that is obviously your opinion. :ninja:

Moving on though...

That bra. It looks shitty.

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