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Ass zits!

Guest quasicartes

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I notice that too many girls had their hot asses ruined by ass pimples. It's so tragic.

Is there anything that can be done about this?

I have circled in red the most clearly visible ones.

Before you ask, that's not my ass, mind you!

hahaha, i like how u give evidence to support ur case.

i see the ones ur talking about, but honestly, that girl had such a nice ass that i probably wouldnt even notice, and even if i did i would try to forget about them right away so that it wouldnt be a "big" deal.

how funny/awkward/crazy/never want to happen to me would this be... ur with ur girl, u know what i mean, i wont get too explicit cuz i think the mods already hate me here, but her ass is facing ur direction, u see one, and u go for it, im talkin u pop the shit outta this thing.... the nastiest thing ive ever thought about but what do u expect when u come into a topic called ass zits

that would take some serious balls to do, i think it would probably end ur relationship with that girl and u would never think about things the same way after that ruthless experience

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Yeh I was looking at this thread like :blink: :blink: ?? :laugh: I wouldn't pop them for her if I saw them! Can you imagine, she'll be like, "Err...WAhT the HECK are you doing???"

:laugh: Not to mention the fact that popping zits is totally gross.. but yeah..

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