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Who's "The Body"?


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  1. 1. Heidi and Elle have both laid claim to the nickname " The Body", but who really has the greatest physique?

    • Elle MacPherson
    • Heidi Klum

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Elle MacPherson

7dbbf6a904.jpgpost-26767-0-1446018247-1185_thumb.jpg post-26767-0-1446018250-9827_thumb.jpg post-26767-0-1446018251-00696_thumb.jpg post-26767-0-1446018251-03791_thumb.jpg

Heidi Klum

536622c10d.jpgpost-26767-0-1446018251-0854_thumb.jpg post-26767-0-1446018251-12031_thumb.jpg post-26767-0-1446018251-17374_thumb.jpg post-26767-0-1446018251-19779_thumb.jpg

(The purpose of this poll is not to argue over who actually owns the name " The Body" - probably Elle - but who out of the two woman who claim the name really has the best body.)

p.s: I am obsessed with polls! :laugh:

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didn't witness them in their primes, but in the old videos I've seen Heidi appears to have basically the same body with more defined hips, fuller bosom and more booty pretty much :nicole: :ninja: . But I will research more before I vote :morning: .

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Elle is taller, has longer legs and has the perfect proportions...in her younger days, in the mid 80's, she looked almost too muscular for a fashion model, she had those treadmark swimmer shoulders and toned arms as if she was doing too much workout but in the 90's she got better, she become just perfect body wise

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