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  1. A hit and hip face for and in any era!
  2. Sapphic and sweet sirens there.
  3. True girl for all seasons there. Plus getting better with age as well.
  4. She looks as stunning in clothes as well as out. If the Fashion Modeling 'thing goes bung' then an art class beckons.
  5. A Happy Birthday to you as well.

  6. To All who wished my many happy returns on this date I thank you.

  7. VERY 70s Editorial that, could almost imagine Jerry Hall there.
  8. A figure like that you might think that she could have a big future in the lingerie and swim wear end of the market-eh
  9. Nice narrative in the above editorial. Brings a touch of class to the read.

    Mori Izumi

    Kwaii for sure.
  11. She sure is challenging Lara Stone in the nudity stakes now isn't she
  12. A Beach Boys song incarnate there!
  13. She is so darn sexy it could be called a crime!
  14. Is the above photographed by Terry Richardson? She sure looks very young in it.
  15. Surely the most DADAIST of portfolios I have ever seen!
  16. Softened her look somewhat. I like this new development.
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