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  1. amazing new stuff guys ^ 😍 here's a shot by Fabrizio Ferri,1991
  2. Stephanie Seymour with Gianni Versace, 1994
  3. Stephanie Seymour arriving at the Gala du musée Guggenheim of New York, 1998
  4. Stephanie Seymour with Karl Lagerfeld, backstage Chanel runway 1995
  5. hey, I have only now seen your private messages....glad you've found what you were looking for
  6. Stephanie Seymour for Victoria's Secret, 1992/1993
  7. for North Beach, 1988, with Cindy Crawford
  8. love these pics for Victoria's Secret 1992, wish they were bigger
  9. 1992 by Sante D'Orazio (in the next few days i'll post the actual scans of the editorial as i'll get the time)
  10. thanks for clarifying, there's some resemblance there, at least in this pic
  11. from ebay, rare Victoria's Secret ads and shots
  12. Valentino runway, 1995, photo by JP LeBlanc
  13. Stephanie Seymour by Arthur Elgort, 1986
  14. Stephanie Seymour by Patrick Ibanez, for Citizen K Magazine
  15. Stephanie Seymour by Richard Avedon, 1992
  16. ^amazing new additions guys, you're AMAZING! ? Chanel runway, 1995
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