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What model(s) do you miss the most?


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As the topic title says "What model(s) do u miss the most and u wish she or they would make a comeback?"

So many gorgeous girls were working in the 90's and I am wondering what ever happened to them?

I know they have their own thread but what

Beri Smither?

Michelle Behennah (English cutie)?

Meghan Douglas?

Bridgett Hall?

Natalia Semanova?

Basia Milevicz?

Are doing now?

I certainly forgot girls that I used to like but because of your help we can certainly resolve the mystery of the "disappeared models"?

ps : this not a 90's models thread... U can name girls from any generations...

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I so miss Niki Taylor too :cry: not so much as modeling now but when they talk about past models and stuff or any kind of countdowns they always leave her out! and that is what I don't understand, she was HUGE! she was a very popular "Supermodel" she should never be forgotten!

she did some AMAZING work throughout her career

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Rosemarie had that special look that I really liked... She did not modeling long... only 2 or 3 years I think?

I also miss Greta Cavazonni (gorgeous girl) I think she was more than the new Linda Evengelista!

:heart: post-19830-1214911225_thumb.jpg Greta

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I really miss the 80`s supermodel like:

Paulina Porizkova

Manon von Gerkan

Yasmin LeBon

Yasmeen Ghauri

Renee Simonsen

Kelly Emberg

Karen Mulder

Carol Alt


But I miss more pictures and information about these models

Michelle Behennah

Veronica Blume

Vika Sementsova

Elain Irwin

Juliet Lancelot

Karen Ferrari

Kristina Semenovskaia

Kristy Hinze

Ashley Richardson

Magdalena Wrobel

Michelle Buswell

Melissa Keller

Valeria Mazza

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I agree with all these posts^ Niki Taylor and ESther Canadas were ubiquitous in the late 90s, and suddenly they dissappeared-never to be mentioned again. Rosemarie Wetzel and Greta are complete mysteries to me. They are incredibly beautiful...but never got big. It is because of the whole waif and androgynous thing that came through at the end of the 90s? I think that might have been what killed Shana Zadrick's career.


I found this site, that has some obscure models you might remember.

One of my first favorites is ...

Chrystele Saint Louis Augustin post-18834-0-1446015421-45956_thumb.jpgpost-18834-0-1446015421-48457_thumb.jpg

Jaime Rishar post-18834-0-1446015421-52702_thumb.jpg

And the very handsome models - Marie Sophie Wilson ms114ad8.th.jpgms62zz1.th.jpg

and Kristin McMenamy


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