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  1. wow, those pictures are from the TATLER photoshoot! Cindy looks amazing in the video!, everything is better than the actual pictures. 😄 😄
  2. Totally. In 1992 she stopped doing fashion shows regularly and since then only did very special requests. Like this one for Richard Tyler in 1995. Cindy was always the superstar of every fashion show she did after 1992.
  3. wow, she looks fantastic!!! thanks Andra! ?
  4. They are so ridiculous and dumb, especially the ones in TFS forum. First they say Kaia is a "nepotism" model, that everything she does is thanks to Cindy. And later they say that Cindy was nothing in the fashion world. So, if for them Cindy was "nothing" how is that "Thanks to Cindy" Kaia is getting jobs. Stupid people.
  5. I don't understand why some people is hating that cover. It's Cindy! that's how she looks nowadays and it's great.
  6. In the original editorial (Vogue USA) was also Karen Mulder.
  7. ULTRA WOW! at the peak of her beauty, her final Dolce and Gabanna show. Thanks for posting.
  8. Say what you want. That's not Cindy. period.
  9. The latest two posts: NOT CINDY.
  10. Can't believe they made her look unattractive in every show this season. Terrible hair and make up, she scared me. How I miss the shows of the 90's. =(
  11. Thank you LAM for your great work and website Some little corrections of those 4 shows. Calvin Klein is 1991 FW, Michael Kors is 1992 SS, Thierry Mugler is 1991 SS and the last one is Donna Karan 1992 FW.
  12. Stephanie and Helena yes but Heather was not in the same league, she was a top model but not a supermodel like those in the cover.
  13. Avedon , Ritts, Elgort outtakes.
  14. Wow! The Herb Ritts foundation also posted an unseen picture. Happy birthday, Cindy!
  15. wow, fabulous picture. already a favourite.
  16. I hope you can find pictures of her last Ralph Lauren show, 1992 fall/winter. 1992 was the last year Cindy did regular fashion shows and the rest of the 90's she only did specials show for friends, like Mizrahi, Chanel or Oldham.
  17. Goddess! Thank you so much for sharing these pics. Can't believe she didnt do many shows like the other supers.
  18. OMG OMG Since forever I have looking full pictures of Cindy wearing that outfit. Thank you.
  19. wow, thank you! Cindy did almost all the Ralph Lauren shows before 1993 but there are no videos neither many pictures.
  20. Thanks, that has to be my favourite tv special about Cindy. A must for every Cindy fan.
  21. wow, very rare runway pictures. thanks a lot for sharing.
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