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  1. damn, you didnt even break a sweat over that one Okay, you are correct, my dear, I pass the torch onto you.....
  2. Martyrs! I know this movie all too well...
  3. Roxanne, you are 100% correct! (Y) good work!
  4. Beep, beep, you have top secret orders from high command to infiltrate the enemy base in your Tigerprint snuggie & M24 sniper. we are counting on you, don't let us down!

  5. Nice post, Baby. I really like his photography & especially the subtle black humor he weaves into the often times gritty imagery he captures. Very sad to hear about his death.
  6. ^^^^ Super easy Roxanne, and the extra clue was just pure charity. Its: My Own Private Idaho I saw this clue earlier but was hoping somebody else would take a guess. I'm thinking a few regulars on this thread need a good spanking for passing this easy one up....
  7. @Reeyo : The movie poster you posted is for Lars Von Trier's ANTICHRIST. Just saw it & its quite an intriguing & unsettling film, but definitely not one for those who are squeemish or easily offended - just a 'heads up' to those cats just wanting to catch an innocent glimpse of the great William Dafoe's booty (although I'm sure it could be argued that their is nothing particularly 'innocent' about William Dafoe's booty anyway :brows:) Lars Von Trier
  8. Penny! I gotta send you some serious props on that amusingly cheeky 'Vice' avatar. I'm thinking juxtaposing nuns, skulls, grenades, guns, fireworks, nude girls, diamonds, and a bloody Christian Bale is quite inspired, and it has truly warmed my cold little heart. *group hug*
  9. Gigi, you are correct. It is 'Thriller' aka 'They Call Her One Eye'. and may I compliment you on your impressively keen eye for spotting 1970's Swedish exploitation-femme fatale-revenge-porn flicks too... Your Eyepatch is in the mail!
  10. ^^^Well, y'know what they say about success..... Anyway, a complimentary (& surprisingly stylish) custom eyepatch will be proudly awarded to whoever can guess this dandy: & of course, Googling is totally encouraged on this one
  11. I totally googled it bitches! (although I swear already knew the movie anyway...) The answer is .....*drumroll*.......MYSTERIOUS SKIN! :|
  12. Kiki! Yes! you are correct! (Y) Whew! I was getting worried there. I was afraid my little kitschy Eurospy poster clue scared everyone off of this thread.... Your turn chica! :jimmy:
  13. Penny, I'm learning about a lot of really interesting movies that I haven't seen yet from your clues & posts Next up: I left a wee little clue at the bottom (director) just in case this truly stumps anyone.
  14. ^^^Thanks for the clue, Kiki (and thank you IMDB!) I think Penny's movie is Amateur (1994). And for shame (!) that I haven't even seen this movie yet, as I generally wildly enjoy flicks involving Nuns, leather skirts, amnesiacs, torture, blackmail & pornographers
  15. ^^^ yes, Kiki, you are correct, its 'The Night Porter' (Y) Why am I not surprised that you have seen this movie? Yer next up!
  16. ^^^^ Yes, I agree with Siniko. This 'Ewwww' subforum might hold a lot of interesting possibilities...
  17. @Siniko, thats $600 dollar a bottle tequila you're talking about there! :| @PennyD, yeah, thats a great memorable quote from Near Dark. My favorite line is: "You know, Your skin is as soft as a preachers belly..." . Bad things happen after those words are spoken. Well, this next up: This should be an easy one because this movie poster *kinda* tends to burn itself into your memory.
  18. Oh snap! one of my favorites 'Near Dark' !!!
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