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  1. damn, you didnt even break a sweat over that one Okay, you are correct, my dear, I pass the torch onto you.....
  2. Martyrs! I know this movie all too well...
  3. i have named my new cat "Kitty"...

    U'r welcome! ;=)

  4. Roxanne, you are 100% correct! (Y) good work!
  5. Beep, beep, you have top secret orders from high command to infiltrate the enemy base in your Tigerprint snuggie & M24 sniper. we are counting on you, don't let us down!

  6. Nice post, Baby. I really like his photography & especially the subtle black humor he weaves into the often times gritty imagery he captures. Very sad to hear about his death.
  7. ^^^^ Super easy Roxanne, and the extra clue was just pure charity. Its: My Own Private Idaho I saw this clue earlier but was hoping somebody else would take a guess. I'm thinking a few regulars on this thread need a good spanking for passing this easy one up....
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