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4 hours ago, Enrico_sw said:

^ Yes! :yes:

Duck fat is really good and it's actually full of "good fat" (unsaturated fat). You can even use the duck fat itself to cook other stuff (it's better than butter! :stormy:)


Duck meat is much more flavorful.  It reminds me of a strong pork but with much tighter texture than chicken.  I would say that it reminds me a bit of frog legs. (in terms of texture)


The hard part is that ducks are a lot more expensive than chicken, so it is harder to find them stocked here.  


The old ones have told me of a time where chickens were about 1/2rd the size of the modified chickens of today.  They had flavor (unlike the flavorless chickens of today) but were much more rare.  During the Great Depression, people made the chickens last.  They'd make several meals out of one and make soup with the bones.

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My lunch a couple of days ago:




Pork; a cut that here we call "Malaya". In other places is called "Matambre". Not sure how would it be called in English. 

I seasoned it with salt, pepper, oregano and merkén (a smoked chili pepper).

I served it with rice and carrots, plus a tomato and half an avocado that can be seen back there.  


Being pork is fully cooked, so @SuperG.Girl doesn't have any lame excuses to call me a barbarian this time :whistle: 

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6 hours ago, SuperG.Girl said:


As it seems you insist on the barbaric habit to feed exclusively on steaks ........... glad you at least started to cook them :chicken::chicken: 



I knew you would find something to call barbaric:war::war::war:  

But only 1/5 of what's to eat on the table is a steak :blah:

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"Dr. Hinohara maintained his weight at about 130 pounds. His diet was spartan: coffee, milk and orange juice with a tablespoon of olive oil for breakfast; milk and a few biscuits for lunch; vegetables with a small portion of fish and rice for dinner. (He would consume three and a half ounces of lean meat twice a week.)"

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If you want to make good use of your barbecue, of your summer (which is not over yet, contrary to what everybody says in the news) and of your Camembert, you can do this! Camembert melted in the barbecue!!

Just put it in its wooden box (without the plastic of course) and then in the charcoal (better to put it at the end of the barbecue, after having eaten all the meat, when the flames and temperature are milder)


Camembert barbecue.jpg



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I tried peanutbutter & jelly sandwich for the first time in my life yesterday. It was so much better than I expected, I always thought that this is some discusting thing since I first ate peanut butter. 

To be fair the jelly component was a very great jam (Blueberry). 

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