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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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^So yesterday I was hoping for Leo to play a hitman who's falling in love with his target and a day after news spread he's probably playing a hitman saving a girl named Alice? Close enough even though I'm not the biggest King fan/reader 😄 


Fan casts (mostly never happen I know) already including Ana de Armas and Florence Pugh for Alice.


Can't help but I'm also glad it's not Scorsese to direct. I once met Abrams while a Star Trek fan event where everyone was desperate for Cumberbatch. He was nice.

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Love this 😍 




It's actually impossible to choose because damn they're all really great.



But if I had to pick one I would probably go along with Kate (great person, decent role model, great actress, great movies, great roles for almost 3 decades. I also think I watched pretty much everything she's ever done)





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6 hours ago, Lilja K said:

Seen the news of a new possible movie with Leo, but what about PTA's project? 

It only means 99% of all the announced recent movie projects won't gonna happen with Leo on screen LOL


Which are?

- Jim Jones

- The Wager (Scorsese)

- PTA movie

- Billy Summers (JJ Abrams)

- The Black Hand (pre production according to imdb)


But imdb also listed ROOSEVELT (Scorsese) in pre-production since the last 50 years. They probably just don't know better LOL


Any favorites?



I think mine is -surprise- Billy Summers.



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Please forgive my ignorance, when I saw PTA, well, I thought Parent-Teacher Association, not Paul Thomas Anderson. All I have to say is I'd love to see Leo emerge from this dry spell and into his prolific acting skills. He's too beautiful 😍 not to be upon screen. 


-a seven month old video 📽️, but I adore how Leonardo's behind the scenes--backstage energy is so predominant that nearly every entertainer has an experience with him and no matter the size of the moment, it's never momentarily just a *big deal.



Speaking of the breakdown of Shutter Island 🏝️




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