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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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One thing that had been fascinating to watch is how fast something goes and then dies down and people talk about something else or as many on here have said: this is boring. 




Did the wave achieve anything that I am unaware of? That other things are more interesting or sad, may she rest in peace, is understandable but complete silence after just a few days. 


Everything always comes back obviously and nothing is hidden online today but the wave was interesting.




And for Silvas's comment that I didn't see, until it got pointed out to me. 🙃  Isn't there a saying that you know you have made it when people start to hate you. ❤ I will always cherish that comment as the first one I ever got publicly. Thank you. 🙂

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The real wife of the Wolf of Wallstreet. She has a Tiktok account and people ask her about the movie. It is interesting to hear her side of the story when the movie is mostly from Jordan's perspective.




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18 minutes ago, oxford25 said:



Tks for new pix of Leo cycling with pals in NY :) 





LiljaK probably wrote Sept 11 due to the time difference between where she is and States 




Yes. I’m aware. That mistake seems to happen a lot. Incorrect dates being reported happened a lot when he was filming in Oklahoma too. It’s always disorienting to have things dated in the future. Just didn’t want anyone confused, because the pictures were taken of Leo in NYC on September 10. 

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