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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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4 hours ago, oxford25 said:

New pic of Leo at NY heliport signing autographs 


He was probably either getting ready to go to Hamptons or he was returning 





Why did He go to Hamptons?. Any New Project, Maybe?.

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Tks for Hampton's pic :)


So , if Leo was there early Sunday morning , then the heliport pic , IF taken yesterday when it was posted, was of him returning to Manhattan from Hamptons 





Lots of people in NY go over to nearby Hamptons for the  Labor Day  weekend  ( which was this past weekend here in the States ) as did Leo , Richie, and other Leo pals 


Richie posted from the Hamptons on Saturday , and Leo's pal Pookie posted being the dj at a party Richie hosted there which may well be where the above pic was taken 

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Thanks, @Lilja K for the inside pic.

Y-E-S spells yes, and that is to a better new year 🎆 cuz I've been struggling this 2022 @SexyLeo91.

😜 for the cute video @Mirella.

And a special and very warm thanks to our Lieutenant and Chief Detective 🕵️ @oxford25, the thread would just be overwhelmed with polarising opinions if it wasn't for your diligent work and much-needed updates to help balance it all out. 

And to all where thanks are due, Thank you.

Nice to have you back @Jade Bahr, who else is there to keep us on our toes? And, yeah, those are delicious pics. Leonardo is a delicious man. However, I find myself foaming over those most recent volleyball 🏐 pics, I love 💕 middle-aged men. Ahh, he looks just like ❤️ Clint Eastwood in his "Play Misty For Me" and "Dirty Harry" days 🥰. Looks like I have a 45 to 55-year dating stipulation. Just kidding, but it seems like those male-stricken molecules do become more alluring at that age. Anyway, I must be heading off. 


Mood for the first working day:



Just some other pics:






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Page Six article about Leo's time in the Hamptons this past weekend.


In article they  mention pal Lukas Haas was there as well, and we can see him in the additional pix below of Leo leaving heliport yesterday 



Sun’s out, bros out!

Newly single Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted in the Hamptons fresh off the news he has split with model Camila Morrone.

The “Titanic” star had a boys’ weekend with pals including actor Lukas Haas, hospitality vet Richie Akiva and others.

The crew was seen at Kissaki in Water Mill, where a spy tells us DiCaprio wore his signature baseball cap look.

The group was spotted chatting at an outdoor table with former boxing champ Mike Tyson, who we’re told was in town with his family.


Cuba Gooding Jr. and NBA draft picks Paolo Banchero and Jalen Green were also spotted at a bash hosted by Akiva and Ronnie Madra.


DiCaprio & company were also seen hanging at Duryea’s in Montauk, where the lobster cobb salad goes for $97.


They were additionally seen stopping by the boutique Blue & Cream in East Hampton






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Maybe Taylor forgot Leo starred in the movie The Beach, and when his younger brother saw him the image of Leo in that movie was the 1st thing to come to his mind :p





When it comes to discovering rarely seen older pix of Leo , you are ‘the Watson’ to my Sherlock :p 

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'Tis a honour @oxford25, we can Cagney and Lacey our way through this  resplendent nonpareil that is Leonardo DiCaprio, combing through his past, present, and future like Wilshire Blvd hairdressers on the days Beverly Hills lay pied-a-terre to the rich and famous.

Thanks, @Sugarwater and @kellybsblover for bringing Kristen People's article to our attention.

Bar and Kristen has produced some of the most tresure-filled, awe-inspiring, "behind the scene" pics.  Giving me all the tools I need to Photoshop my face 😈 directly over theirs, fueling my fantasy 😇


I was just about to say, "can't wait to see what pics you'd find regarding Lee's scheduled appearances". Always on the J-O-B! @oxford25.


Photo credit: Rimbaud.



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13 hours ago, Sugarwater said:


So there is no one else thinking that people have started to make fun of her connection to Leo who used to be a good PR move? 


She wants to protect her brand so she contacts a PR that creates a "whatever that is called". A lame attempt to be cute and have a good 5 min in this.


I thought she was different but she just proved me wrong which genuinely makes me sad. People usually disappoint me so nothing new. 

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