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  1. Thanks ox for the pics, news and videos and thanks bnkenobi for the HQ pics! I really enjoy your Leo pics ! Leo can definitely kiss me anyday Can't stop staring at him
  2. Yes, even in 60's fashion, Leo looks sexy!
  3. Thanks ox, bnkenobi and Barbie for the gala news, HQ pics, links, more Leo, yeahh 😍
  4. Thanks ox and Jade for the pics, links and info from his gala! That's cool people came out in support and it was a success. Proud of Leo for his hard work and dedication to helping the grassroots organizations protect our lands, water and helping to make others aware of this through his foundation, and documentaries. Really though, this was great and all y'all are so awesome!
  5. OMG OMG!!!!! (Double cold shower needed, sexy as hell!) Thanks Jade and ox for all the gorgeous pics of Leo, and that's an awesome instagram page! Awww to see him again as a kid, so adorable
  6. In some parts of America, Leo gets negative press. A couple of local newspapers have called him overrated, and when I talk to people, if someone says he’s talented, they’ll bring up Titanic like it’s a bad thing. It took a decade before some in the American press had to yet again recognize his talent, after Titanic. Lawrence Brownlee starts of by saying ‘a lot of people may throw up an eyebrow’ before complimenting Leo, because often, when he is complimented, some eyes do roll. His talent is more appreciated internationally than here. I remember talking about Revenant to a co worker and she said ‘ooh pretty boy breathes, what acting’ and mocked him. I had to let her know to really check out his films. That’s my experience, though. However, I do see more of an appreciation for his talent than in the past from some folks. My hubby sees his talent more so now, for example.
  7. So true Jade! I'm glad Leo's not nutty like that and gets out of character when the scene is over. That's too funny ox about the girl who made up that 'exclusive' and they ran with it, LOL! DM is always posting some fake gossip! Thanks bnkenobi, Barbie, ox and Jade for the news and pics! Love Leo's loose hair . Could run my fingers through it.
  8. Leo's looking soooooo damn fine! He's better looking than ever Thanks Barbie for the pics and videos, Luckygirl for the link, bnkenobi for the HQ pics and Jade for all the videos! This has been so awesome, thanks ladies! Y'all are the best!
  9. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! This is Christmas and New Year rolled into one just about...keep 'em pouring! Thanks ox, Jade, bnkenobi and Barbie for the pics, tweets, HQ pics, clips, oh my! Leo is my bae! Brad's looking mighty fine, too, but Leo, hell yeah bring that sexiness over here Okay, I'm cool again
  10. OMG!!! Thanks ox and Barbie for the pics! Can’t wait for the trailer; miss Leo on the big screen 😛. He’s looking sexy fine, f*ckable, lickable too, even in the ‘60s clothes 😁
  11. These were great comments y'all regarding the reason why you're looking forward to Once Upon A Time in Hollywood!
  12. Thanks Barbie for the news regarding Debra Tate! That's good Tarantino reached out to her and she heard him out and now supports the film. Thanks calibi for the Leo sighting and ox for the new Leo pics info!
  13. Thanks ox for the pics! And yes to be someplace to meet that gorgeous guy 😍
  14. Thanks ox for the pics and info! Ah to be in L.A.