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  1. Thanks so much Barbie and ox for all the pics and articles(I'll check out the Kurt Russell interview)! Leo is so tall and he looked good in those jeans (even with the hat)
  2. Thanks Barbie and ox for the links, pics and all the Leo posts! Yes, that pic of Leo is cute, hoodie and all
  3. Thanks so much Barbie, ox and Jade for the pics, insta posts and links! Awesome, as always :)! All of y'all made good points and it must be surreal at times to be famous (I couldn't handle it. I'd clap back at every negative comment, etc., lol). I think one of my fav interviews with Leo was when he went on Oprah and Ellen. That just made him more endearing and sweet because he doesn't really put on airs or glad-hand, so it's refreshing.
  4. Those eyes.... I'd probably forget my name if I looked into them. Thanks Barbie, ox and Jade for the news and pics! I love it when a man smells so good! Sexy!
  5. So that fan is your friend marine, awesome ! So glad she got to meet him in person. Thanks bnkenobi for the HQ pics and Jade for the insta post! Love Leo’s hair. I could run my fingers through it. Hair porn for sure.
  6. Thanks ox for the pic! Such a lucky fan and that must’ve been so cool
  7. That's so awesome about your friend meeting Leo, marinebing Aww Barbie, that's nice of you and so sweet . I hope one day you get to meet Leo, too. Thanks so much Barbie for the story (loved Margot Robbie and Leo together in WOWS) and ox for the pics of Leo with fans, tweets (I can't get into UFC...I tried, lol) and it's so awesome seeing his beautiful smile and the lucky fans as well!
  8. Wow ox, you're hooking us up! Thanks for all the pics and clip! Leo has such gorgeous skin
  9. Thanks Shepherd and Jade for the new pics (Leo and that hoodie again ) and ox for the fan encounter! Lucky as hell
  10. Thanks bnkenobi, Luckgirl, Jade, ox and Barbie for the pics, news, post, y'all name it! Awesome! Leo is such a beautiful man, I really think his pictures don't do him justice sometimes, and you're very lucky to have seen him in person Jade! Yes, he definitely has an aura! I've never seen Leo in person...I'd probably try to play it cool but forget my name or something, LOL!
  11. Thanks ox and jade for all of the pics! OMG Leo looks so gorgeous ! Pretty awesome honoring Scorsese! Now that filming's wrapped, can't wait for the first trailer!
  12. Yes, he is adorable, awww. Thanks eastofeden and ox for the instagram posts! Is Leo looking good or what, y'all?
  13. Thanks ox for all the latest Leo info! I'm gonna watch the Jonestown documentary. Thanks Jade and leolover for the instaposts! *kisses to Leo* haha I wish!
  14. Thanks Jade, leolover and ox for the pics and insta posts! Leo's showing a little leg That pic is new to me leolover
  15. Thanks Jade for the instagram posts! Being a fan for all these years is pretty damn cool, and he's as beautiful as ever. Love Leo