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  1. Thanks Jade, Magical, Sugarwater and YouNoMe for the posts! So true, cause filming takes months, editing takes months, there's additional back and forth then it's finally released and Iet's not forget the pre-production drama.
  2. Thanks YouNoMe and Jade for the posts! Good article about Leo's career and all these years later, he's still making great movies and grabbing hearts
  3. Thanks Sugarwater, Barbie, Jade and Magical for the posts! That Apple teaser was literally that πŸ˜„. Now just for the trailer release
  4. Feel better Jade 😘! I had COVID not that long ago (still kinda tired and all) so please drink fluids and rest. Thank you all for the posts and yes it's nice to see Leo's beautiful face😁!
  5. Thanks everyone for the posts! Daily Faux is always trying to hook Leo up when he's just literally sitting next to someone, lol.
  6. Thanks everyone who posted! OMG OMG is he handsome, and I see the beautiful hair and face again
  7. Thanks YouNoMe, ox, Jade, and Lilja for the posts! 😍I wanna see Leo's hair too, and the black and white photos
  8. Thanks everyone for the posts! Leo looks so good (yes, face mask too!)
  9. Thanks everyone for the news and pics! Leo's looking hot (face mask and all ) and yes, pretty soon we'll all be talking about KOTFLM, and it'll be so worth it too, with all of the little teasing hear and there (still checking for a trailer soon, I hope). People who love films, and acting appreciates Leo's talent. The fans appreciate his talent as well. Leo has been scrutinized since the Titanic days (as a matter of fact Magical, if I recall, he was getting hate back then too during the Titanic phase, including hate sites for him, so it's been crazier actually) (BTW, he has been hot and heavy with women over 25, lol, and rumors of Cameron Diaz, who's older than him, so that can be put to bed finally).
  10. I agree 100% and was even fine with having top billing over Leo too; I do hope one day for equal pay because it tough being a woman, especially in certain industries. I think Leo is doing okay by ignoring the noise regarding his forever love life πŸ˜„
  11. I can't wait for 2023 YouNoMe and thanks for the pics and Mirella for the video!
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