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  1. Thanks calibi, Jade, bnkenoki and Barbie for the news, all the videos, older pics (new to me!) and link with the larger pics! Excited for this movie coming together now and seeing all the images from the set. This is incredible. That's nice he's having his fundraisers in Cali instead, especially for its 20th year anniversary. I particular like that first pic with fan. I prefer his hair loose like that. Such thick hair. Tiffany Haddish is still shooting her shot, I see. I don't blame her at all. He is sexy 😃
  2. Thanks Barbie, ox, Cult Icon and Jade for the pics and all the filming news(so excited, y'all)! That was pretty cool to see what actors would look like as women. Leo and Chris Evans would make gorgeous women. Welcome Microtek! Love that story about Tiffany Haddish...Tiffany, go girl 😉
  3. Exactly! Leo seems like such a cool and kind person with this immense talent. Haters beware
  4. Thanks Barbie for the links and ox for the sweet story! Awww Leo's a sweetheart, and he's looking good in the video, in his hoodie 😊
  5. ðŸĪŠ Haha, me too. Thanks Jade for the post! Awww, he was so adorable...still is.
  6. Barbie, thanks again for all the casting news! You're awesome It's all coming together and can't wait to see Leo on that beautiful big screen again.
  7. Thanks Barbie for all the casting news and pics! Here I am 😃
  8. Thanks Barbie for the news! I love Damian Lewis; he's great in Billions. This sounds like a terrific cast ðŸĪĐ
  9. Thanks Barbie and ox for the pics, insta posts and news!
  10. Thanks Barbie for the pic and link! I can see his lovely tan 😊
  11. Emilia Clarke has great taste. Aww, she's blushing. Thanks Barbie, calibi and Jade for the news and latest Leo news!
  12. Thanks calibi, jade and ox for the tweets and insta posts! He has such beautiful eyes 😃😏
  13. Thanks calibi, ox and Jade for the tweets, insta posts and pics! Hopefully prepping for his new movie role
  14. Thanks ox, bnkenobi, Shepherd, and Barbie for the news and pics! I'd love for Leo and Spielberg to work together again. Love the selfie pic
  15. Thanks ox, Barbie, Jade, bnkenobi and Shepherd for the video, links and the newest pics of Leo! Yessssssssss