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  1. Thanks Jade and calibi for the Leo news and vid!
  2. Thanks Barbie for the article and calibi for the latest sighting! Leo has made surprise random visits in the pastwaiting for a visit to Chicago.
  3. Thanks calibi for the latest sighting! That guy's everywhere
  4. Thanks Nah, impossible, cause I'm secretly married to that sexy man , LOL! Thanks ox for the movie news! Cool, I like Margot Robbie. Can't wait for this movie.
  5. Thanks Jade, LaLaGirl and Barbie for the info, links and video! Well...the Lakers are somewhat better this year .
  6. That's true Jade...it's usually just Leo , aww. Thanks Barbie, ox, Jade and calibi for the links, news, sightings! I'd love to hear that voice, too! Hearing Leo's voice makes my heart jump a little
  7. Thanks calibi, Barbie and Jade for the pics, links and news! To make eye contact with him Aww at Jared Leto That's adorable! Love the avatar leolover! Had a couple of 'fantasies' about Leo after Blood Diamond Yeah, the Oscars wasn't the same without Leo...wanted to see his sexy self.
  8. Thanks calibi for the tweet and bnkenobi for the pics and news!
  9. Thanks ox for the pics! I'm trying to make out what he's wearing sap, but it does look nice.
  10. Thanks ox for the pics and calibi for the tweet! Lovely pic of Leo and Amy Adams
  11. Thanks ox and calibi for the latest news, sightings and insta posts! Cool about the dude meeting Leo and those are nice pics, too! Leo is so handsome!
  12. Thanks so much everybody for the Leo info, pics, links, and all the other good stuff! Okay Leo and Brad Pitt??? Cool! Can't wait for the film shoot! Leo's Oscar speech was inspiring and touching.
  13. Thanks ox, calibi and Angell for the pics and links! Cool pic of Leo with Q-Tip and Raekwon, two underappreciated hip hop icons! Aww to the pic of Leo with the cutie pie. So good with kids Looooooove the cover photo with Scorsese. Looking sooo good!
  14. Thanks calibi, Jade, Barbie and ox for all the good Leo stuff! Yeah, Gisele knew what she was doing . I wouldn't mind Leo popping up in a commercial. Dude seemed so damn pressed tweeting about it . He just gave free promotion and a vid of Leo's sexy self!
  15. Thanks ox, calibi and Barbie for the videos, insta posts and that cute article! The BBD interview is new to me, so that was pretty cool! For sure!