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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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8 minutes ago, oxford25 said:

According to this tweet Leo was back in NY as of last night 


Posting 2  recent tweets from man who is pictured with Leo , so you know who he is 



E317778F-6C14-4449-BA1E-07015DA9204F.jpeg 0305F183-6480-47E3-924B-9A4EB4B92808.jpeg

I'm intrigued by "upcoming projects"😏

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2 hours ago, oxford25 said:

In regard to the pic below , is the back of Leo's hair that is sticking out of cap streaked with blonde highlights ???  

2022-08-30 (5).png


Yep, I noticed the same. I wonder if he's getting ready for a new role? I sure hope so!   🙌

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2 hours ago, stephjr742 said:

Most likely for reshoots/promo work in NY with Marty for Apple on KotFM

It’s has already been reported that the main cast is not involved in anymore KOTFM shooting. Also, his hair and weight would need to remain the same not be completely different.

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Tks for new NY pix of Leo entering Richie's new private club the Nomad :) 


I noticed that Page Six said the pix are from Tuesday night while AFLO dates them as last night 


Plus AFLO has these pix taken at AVRA in Beverly HIlls listed as 8/31 as well of Leo with Tobey and Jonah 








2022-09-01 (1).png 2022-09-01 (2).png

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