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  1. Hii all you can find an unseen interview of Leo and Alejandro here http://news.yahoo.com/leonardo-dicaprio-my-best-films-come-from-151849805.html
  2. Aha, yes plz Leo that’s all we need 🙂 thanks Oxford25 for explaining 😊
  3. Im sounding really stupid but what did he mean by that ?
  4. Unseen short interview from Palm Spring Film Festival back in 2009
  5. Aha thanks for the explaining 😚 I have to say I liked the changes that they did in the movie. I think having a relationship between him and a muslim girl that is forbidden ( muslim girls cannot marry non muslim men ) is something we don’t see depicted in movies. I think that’s why he said that to her because he doesn’t want to disrespect her religion so afterwards she said ( so I’m gonna wait forever) meaning nothing will ever happen between them ( marriage etc)
  6. You’re certainly not the only one sis 😉 as far as Roger, i liked the movie but as Oxford25 it isn’t one of my fav films of him. I liked ofc his performance and I’m a huge fan of Russel Crowe but I don’t like Ridley Scott as a director even though i like some of his films but still I wouldn’t want Leo to work with him again
  7. A video I haven’t seen before. Leo and Scorsese are being honored in France
  8. Thanks Jade Bahr and Oxforf25 for the clarification this news really made me happy 😃 although I haven’t read the book nor read any articles about it I think the swicth cause it sounds more interesting and as we know leo in terms of acting he likes more challenging roles so I think to play Ernest sounds more interesting ad challenging even though I love Eastwood’s J.edgar but I had mixed feelings about leo playing him for the second time i was happy because i loved his portrayal of him but at the same time I want to see in new roles either way I trust his choices 👌
  9. What switch of roles?i haven’t read any articles regarding the film nor have I read the book canyou please tell me he switched from playing who to who ? Is he playing Jedgar again ?
  10. Thank God for that I was worried it was gonna be produced by netflix and it wouldn’t gonna be released theatrically I sure hope that Leo doesn’t sign on to MCkay’s movie I’m not really a huge fan and the concept of the project isn’t promising tbh 🙄
  11. A longer version of the Japanese Django interview that is new to me
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