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  1. Hello all I missed so much cuz I've been very busy But thanks to all of you that I don't feel that I missed any ❤️ OMG so many leo goodies he looks so good especially in that scene where he has a car crash Cant wait for the trailer and I think we'll have the trailer in January cuz as I remember Django trailer was released in June 2012 and the movie was going to be released on Christmas so the trailer was released 7 month prior the release date So January would be 7 month prior Once release date Here's an interview for The relevant That I had never seen https://youtu.be/KmF5beVJyXA
  2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/tvshowbiz/video-1733002/Video-Leonardo-DiCaprio-Brad-Pitt-film-Quentin-Tarantino-movie.html Dailymail has a video of Leo and Brad filming Guys this is unreal I'm so happy There are so many Leo goodies Thank you
  3. What a great day today Thank you for the news, pics etc Can I say that Leo looks Hella fine as Rick Dalton or you already knew 🙄😉
  4. WHAAAAAAT ??!!! Is this legit ?
  5. Yesterday leo and bradly went to a business meeting together I'm wondering , a new project together ??? Btw thanks all for keeping us with the latest news In regards to Debra Tate's comments, I can understand her discomfort with the project but hey it's impossible that they will do anything offensive and honestly I think if she was really against depicting her sister's murder then they wouldn't show her picture years which was very gore, I mean if they were concerned about the privacy then they wouldn't agree to make a movie about her murder at all (kate's version) sorry but thats my opinion, and how on Earth Tarantino would dare to underestimate her murder I really think he wouldn't Another thing is, how releasing the movie on the 50th anniversary if Sharon's murder is a celebration , Titanic rerelease in 2012 was a 100th anniversary if the ship's sinking does that mean Cameron was celebrating ?? Come on Frankly I do agree with Jade I think Debra just want to critize or stop any movie about Sharon's other than her's or maybe she wants attention I mean her comments about Jennifer Lawrence was unnecessary like some of u have said it's rude and maybe she just was to make some controversial statements and be on the spotlight (sorry) In case of the Steve Jobs Project, I really understand the opposition coming from his wife because the movie shows his denial of his daughter and there were some unpleasant sides of him to show people after his death but in case of Tate's depiction how would they mention something bad about her ???!!! She was pretty, married and 9 months pregnant and murdered is there anything more to sympathize with her it was davastating
  6. Hi all and thanks for the updates Here's an old/new pic of Leo which I don't remember was posted here
  7. Thanks all for everything Thanks BarbieErin for the vids, I haven't seen them before
  8. OMG Leo will be back on screen Can't really believe it I'm so happy because it's been a long time since The Revenant And I'm happy that he said yes to this one specifically cause I like Tarantino's movies And I read that it will be released in 9th of August 2019 Any idea or confirmation about killers on the flower moon ? Is he gonna do it definitely?
  9. Thanks dear finally got to see those pictures He looks so handsome
  10. Hii and thank you all It's been a long time Oxford25 I don't know why I can't find the pics you posted of Leo during GG party nor can I reach the insta acc So can you please post these pictures if possible ?
  11. This is so good But does it mean that Leo will play the part indeed ?
  12. {name}

    Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

    What was the hint that Gisele make that she loves him?
  13. When did he wear medical devices ? It seems that I dunno many things