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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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@YouNoMe thanks for adds and fan art🌺 Regarding the fan art you posted, now I'm dreaming about Leo in cyberpunk movie. I think it's interesting idea, in good hands and with budget big enough we would get an another masterpiece in the genre. Who knows, maybe Leo will surprise us in the future... 

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25 minutes ago, oxford25 said:

LiljaK & YouNotMe


Tks for pix both new and old :flower: :flower:





First , tks , for Kering Gala video,  as now I can see the gentleman to Leo's left that he is chatting with is his long time pal Avi Nevo 


And , for SURE I love the two Leo/Tom Hardy pix :heart:


I hope they do a 3rd film together one day ,  can we say The Wager, Tom ??? :p 

I think he was talking to queen of Jordon. She was there!


Isn't strange that Daily mail didn't write anything about that event? 😂

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Not that you can see much of his face, but these are new pix of Leo and pals leaving Acme restaurant last night on the way to the Amsterdam premiere afterparty.  Leo's pal Margot Robbie is in the cast


But if you look at SIDE pic , you do see that different colored patch of hair in the back of his hair that we saw recently in JJ pix










2022-09-19 (1).png 2022-09-19 (2).png 2022-09-19 (3).png 2022-09-19 (4).png 2022-09-19 (5).png



And you can see the one patch/streak of different color hair here better


I'd love to see him without a hat to see if the streak runs through top of hair as well 



2022-09-19 (6).png
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