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What age is best to get pregnant?



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  1. 1. What do you think is the best age to get pregnant?

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Hey girls, here's another question from me :p

What age do you think is best to get pregnant? I mean, don't consider any scientific information you might have (I've been told that - biologically - the best age is about 19). Think rather what age would you want get pregnant yourself (so it's social factors rather than biological ones). (The first option is obviously for Jamie Lynn Spears' fans :p )

By the way, I don't really know where this poll belongs - here or rather in the Love & Sex sub-forum, so if you have any thoughts on that too - please let me know here.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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I will try not to get scientific in this as much as possible... I can think of things that way at times...

First its hard to say when is a good time to get pregnant...women can get pregnant by accident and the choice of when they get pregnant can be taken...

I think if it is a choice it depends on the person and its an individual choice. For example, some women want love so much they find any way they can and get pregnant to have that love, which ususally results in early pregnancies. Some might say its a bad way but for the person it maybe a life saver. Some women may wait for career and right life placement and choose to have children when married and successful. Which can seem more proper to some but too late for others. Its a broad question and has many different socail views, it would be interesting to hear what those views are from the people at BZ.

And as for which topic this fits in...I think this could be a Love and sex topic, but it fits better here... For some relationships, its not love or sex that pregnancies come from. I won't get scientific with that... but I will say its also beginning to become a guy talk discussion... we have our first pregnant male all ready...Mr. Lee Mingwei

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Well for this one I assume you really want to get pregnant and it doesn't happen by accident...

I think you should wait until you at least have finished your education, your boyfriend / husband is able to care for you financially (or support you at least) and you are able to go back to your job if you want to after your pregnancy.

So that would mean somewhere in your twenties I guess. I wouldn't advise earlier since it is really stressful to care for a child / be pregnant and at the same time get a proper education. And all your friends will go to parties and stuff and will probably not be able to relate to your situation, so that's difficult.

To be honest I think if you are way older than twenty to thirty it's kind of weird as well... I mean if you imagine you get pregnant at 45 that means you're already over 60 when your child comes of age. If your child, too, waits 'til it's 40 to become a parent the chance isn't that high for you to become a grandmother, I mean you would already be 80 when your gandchild is born...

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Some women already plan their lives ahead.. and when they get married, they plan their family with their husbands...

Maybe in their late 20's to their early 30's, beQause:

1. they want to foQus on their Qareer and get promoted or get to a point where they're Qomfortable in their job seQtor.

2. less health risQs..

3. they want to enjoy their youth and sex life(w/ husband) :p


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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Joob did you google the name I posted, he's the first pregnant male.... sounds so strange but I ran into it when googling around looking for things... I am not getting scientific about it because it was asked to not be scientific.

So technically your not outed in this thread... Besides the desicion of a women having children also affects the man they are with...

And just a question... why are you in the Girls talk thread? lol just a joking question.

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apparently a woman's fertility is highest at 24-26. my mom was 26 when she had me :)

i think it depends on your whole life situation, scientifically speaking, somewhere in your mid twenties is supposedly the best time to have a child.. however, everyones different. some women like to wait later for kids, and some like to have kids in their early 20s.

for me, i dont think ill ever conceive (i want to adopt) but if i did, it would depend on when i met the right man. if i met him at 23 or something id want the kid at around 27 maybe. no later than that though. i wouldnt want to be 30 and pregnant, my mom was and she barely disciplines my brother now because shes always too tired and so hes less disciplined then the rest of us, lol.

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Of course, that is if it's by choice. I think most women in relationships (or married) are ready in their mid-to-late 20s (financially, emotionally, physically). I wouldn't want to have children into my 30s and I, personally, want to be done by 33 or 34. I want to be young enough so my body can bounce back from the pregnancy, but old enough for the huge responsibility.

But, if I got pregnant now, at almost 23, I think I would be ready (for the most part) and I would be happy, not disappointed. For now, I assume I'll get married around 25, so I will probably starting having children around 28. Seems like a good age to me. :yes:

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I don't think there's any specific age you should become pregnant. When you're in a wonderful lasting relationship with a man you love, and are financially stable you might want to think about it. If things are up in the air, and you're struggling to pay bills and arguing with your boyfriend all the time you should probably use birth control. lmfao. :blink:

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