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  1. Alternative of one of the caps, by me
  2. My screencaps from the above video
  3. I love hearing comments like these because they're so ridiculous, made even more so since just a few hours ago I posted an interview with Marisa where it starts out with the interviewer noting how surprisingly nice she is, which is said of Marisa constantly. :laugh: :laugh: Exactly what I thought too but this time I thought I wont bother and reply to such ummm posts again LOL.... And now I check it and you already did. If anyone doesnt like anyone well thats totally fine, to each their own but to make such conclusions ....lol Whatevers.Not that is changes anything but yeah its funny to read stuff like that.
  4. jvsjvs

    VS Model's ID

    Get ready to scream then LOL.... Cause its her, Adriana Lima Just weirdly photoshopped.
  5. Thanks for the video link , Matt. Arghhh I cant watch it tho , it doesnt load for me. Someone special please cap the video :):):)
  6. VS Christmas 2008 commercial - credit to adrianaflima forums and Bahian Marisa appears there too therefore thought id post it here as well Wish there were more of Marisa though...
  7. :wub2: Thank you so much for the photos !!!
  8. Thank you for Marisa photos !xx

  9. jvsjvs


    Yep, she looks fantastic , I can not wait till November !
  10. Absolutely. The cover must be hers. Period.
  11. I see some similarity too lol ^^
  12. Thanks, Jal !! I only dont like that they use that blurry effect on underwear or face sometimes...
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