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  1. Thank you very much for the birthday wishes! :)

  2. I love you too baby! *beso*

  3. i shouldnt have to remind you! you should already want to be curious and do it! lol

    i am very sure actually, it will happen very soon. :P

  4. they smell like me. lol you should know this :P

    i dont maybe wanna talk to her, i AM going to talk to her! no maybe's! lol

  5. yes, mainly dogs have you ever thrown things when angry?
  6. {name}

    What if ...

    then i better never go home drunk what if cars could fly?
  7. of course i dont smell like onions babe jeez. I smell like all wonderful things, then you wont wanna let me go cuz i smell SOOOO GOOOD! lol

    What do you mean "maybe"?

  8. lol Yea i can see it now "what does your boyfriend smell like?" ".... onions" haha

    Your gonna let me talk to her? alright, i want that picture! and i will tell her that OVER AND OVER AGAIN! lol

  9. lol why is that? because im coming home to you? Good thats just how it should be! Let me talk to her THEN! lol i want that picture!

  10. sweet deal. warms arms FO LYFE! :blueeyedbaby:
  11. but.....i kinda like it
  12. why not? this sounds VERY interesting!
  13. i told u i dont smell like onions! THATS ALL THEY GET, i get the rest! im waiting for the vollyball one!!! lol

  14. well it would be a good thing but then what would we live off of? lol nah, dont rotate, everyone else should only be allowed that pic lol, unless they look through the pic thread lol

  15. No Have you ever fallen in love?
  16. {name}

    I Am...

    ^^ im sleepy and hungry
  17. Yay! Funny, thats what i do to yours! haha Sorry ma, but thats for you and ONLY you to enjoy! :D Besides if you did that you would never go to work or school! lol

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