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where have all the gorgeous women gone?


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a friend emailed me this article, I just thought it would be interesting to post it here and see what others have to say about it.


February 12th, 2008

Do we think standards in modelling are slipping?


It’s London Fashion Week ‘n’ all that and it’s come to our attention that standards in modelling-modelling-modelling have slipped to such a low that frankly the issue should be raised in The House of Lords at the very least. Failing that Lorraine ‘So great to see you!’ Kelly should have a serious debate about it on GMTV from 9.37am to 9.41am with that dolly who knows nothing about fashion.

These are the most pertinent points that really need to be raised, urgently:

- The one on the left is a moose.

- Even we’d bum Linda Evangelista.

Now let’s look at another example of slipped standards in modelling…

- On the left you will find a personage who is not only a moose, but is wearing clothes that look like they come from C&A’s Clockhouse range.

- Helena = Oh hello!

The end.



and I just opened a similar thread for the guys :


feel freet o leave your opinion <_<

ugly-models_web1.jpg ugly-models_web2.jpg
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Well where do we start on where the good women have gone and how badly fashion has slipped. Hmm well to start people seem to have lost sight of what is sexy... or the worlds standards have changed so drastically it's no longer recognizable in comparision to what was sexy even a decade ago. Curves were once sexy, now people seem to be fixated on the word thin and all it's conotations.

This thin craze quite possibly sprang up in the wake of the dawning realizaton that the world was fast hitting a trend towards obesity: but at the same time is seeing super thin models on tv and in advertisements really going to help the worlds self-esteem? Doubtful; in my personal opinion it's only further accentuated the problem causing many people to over eat as depression hits.

But back to the slipping fashion trends and the lack of decent looking women. Perhaps it's in large part due to the fact that fashion companies and labels starting accepting those 'different' looking models. The wierd girls with the doll-like faces, super waif-like bodies and awkward looks. Gemma and Lily and other models like them were essentialy in my eyes the start of the end.

Yes I adore Gemma but that doesn't mean her body is acceptable to the rest of human society. How many people truly have bodies such as hers, how many people really have bodies like 90% of the super models out there. Not many, but regardless once we slipped into accepting girls like Gemma we could only go down hill from there.

Think of it this way... one little lie may not hurt someone but one little lie leads to another and another and another... etc. You accept one thing that may not be that bad but it only opens the door to accepting something else that may be just a little worse. These girls like Vlada are so small it's not even funny. Some of the new super models don't even look feminine let alone sexy and we wonder why standards are slipping.

Sure they wear the clothing well, it draps perfectly but so do manequins. But let's face it are the clothes going to look like that on a realistic body? No; so why bother false advertising how this clothing is going to look. People look at these models and ooh and ahh over how pretty the clothing looks on them and then when they buy it it looks nothing like it did on the model. The fashion industry is the most vapid industry I think I've ever seen.

Most of these designers are nothing to look at. They either don't wear the clothing because it doesn't fit them or they don't wear the clothing because let's face it half the haute couture is gaudy and god aweful. Prêt à porter is even worse. Half the stuff you see on the runway is not what ends up in the store.

The buyers from different stores such as Macy's or Sacs see a few pieces that they like, buy the design and change the outfit to suit their target market audience. What is on the runway is not what is in the store; the cut will be changed, the sequence will be changed, the fabric, the stitching, the sizes; all to fit a realistic body.

You guys want to know why fashion is slipping, it's because designers are losing sight of the fact that they need to start advertising to a real demographic market. They era of the supermodel is over it's only a matter of time before fashion starts to die as well. People only have a short bullshit limit and the gawky waif like models aren't selling. Bring back the curvy women, the Cindy Crawfords, the Helena Christenson's... Even Marissa Miller(and we all know I'm not a huge fan of hers) could sell it better then Gemma, (from 3 years ago) ever could. Now Gemma has put on some weight and while I think she looks better many of you are screaming that she's getting fat. No she's getting healthy.

Everyone sees weight now and all they think is omg obesity. No people some weight is good; look back at the greek and roman era. A robust figure was considered attractive. Look at the Victorian era... they used to try and accentuate the waist with a corset to give women even more curves. Hell even some men wore corselettes(sp?) to give them a bit of curve. Yes even the men back then were trying to feminize themselves to some degree.

Curves were so acceptable in the 40's, 50's the 60's and to some extent even the 70's. And then the drug craze hit and thinner was better. But it still wasn't as extreme as it is now. Thinner is not necessarily better but these models and actors and any other person in the spot light is sooooooo over analyzed that many of them turn to drugs or extreme dieting to allegedly look better for their super fans.

The last really curvy body was in the 90's ie the era of the true supermodel. What are they now? Look at the last Victoria's Secret show the alleged ultimate authority on what is sexy. Why are they bringing in high fashion models... are they sexy no they sell the clothing because it hangs right. Erin Wasson was so thin you could see her sternum, her ribs to an almost unhealthy degree. It almost looked like in her inner thigh the muscle was collapsing because their was no 'meat' on it. That's sexy?

Then go back to the 60's and a fashion icon even to this day, (ie. Ms. Marilyn Monroe) was what.. a size 13-18?? By that standard today she would be considered horribly obese. Yet all these girls even to this day look at her and ooh and ahh wishing they were her. She was stunning, she was comfortable with herself and wasn't afraid to show a little skin. Yet back then not showing everything was considered sexy.

Now you have to show how much skin to even get a second glance? But no one wants to look at these skinny bitches anymore.

The worst offender of the thin craze is quite possibly Europe followed closely by Asia at least by what I've noticed on this forum and many others. This is so hot omg anyone with curves is so wrong. Tanya Dziahileva.. not beautiful people. Someone go watch the rocky horror picture show and tell me who she resembles cause I know. hmm.... oh so hot I want to do him.

Snejana is sooooo thin. Vlada = thin. I've talked to many of my boyfriends and many of my girlfriends.. and friends husbands and wives.. and none of them find these girls attractive at all. So what's the excuse for the people on this forum. Have you fallen into the thin craze or is there something I'm missing. Did I miss the wow magic these girls created because they just don't do it for me.

This new crop of models that has come up just isn't sexy. I'd pefer to look at the older models and ... well ya just prefer to look at them. These new girls are just wierd looking.

I'm not going to name any names but someone on the forum has in their signature 'cocaine makes you thinner' that's disgusting and it only adds to the problem. Cocaine makes you thinner; ya... and it makes you unhealthy, and it pulls apart families it destroys lives.. should I continue? Cause it's so worth it just to be thin right?

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well said, barb, i dont have much to add to it

other than

the killing of the supermodel is one of the main culprits

these strange, nofigured 'it' girls are so acceptable today

because supermodels as a group were murdered

supermodels were TRUE supers.... household names

now what average schmoe knows who vlada is??

thats the way the designers and the indusrty like it

when the girls are healthy, happy and showed strong personalities

the public reacted, and we loved it, and wanted more

when we want more

the girls that we want more of can charge any fee they want, and get it

in the late '90's this was ended....and aside from gisele

there has been no true supermodel.....

i think photogs can be blamed for this too

old school edits and ads and covers showed life, and spunk and perosnality

now its just blank, wide eyed stares and hunched over emaciated girls


im dun-zo

edit: i had this thought just now.. taking away the power of these models was also kind of a slap on the

wrist, a 'how dare you be a powerful, strong woman'??

the amazing power these women had i think was very threatening to many in the industry

now the girls are meek, sweet, and too friggin young to know when theyre getting screwed

now im done, for real lolol

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Amazing essay Pheno!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Its funny, I had the same experiment with my friends and got the same results.

Great points everyone!

To the question: "Is the Industry Slipping" I wasn't really around during "the glory days" but when I read up on it more and more, I do see that there was more personality and life in modeling as a whole in previous decades. When I compare the two, a lot of today's models don't even look at the camer the same. Women in "the supermodel era" seemed to treat the runway and photoshoots like they were the queens on the throne whereas a lot of girls today...lack the same authority and intensity. I think Gisele, Adriana and some others have it, but...TIts not something I blame them for though, because their power and voice had been stripped from them before many of their careers even began.

The ratio of attractive to unattractive is definitely less favorable based on my observations. For every Ambrosio, there are loads upon loads of the odd and sickingly skinny names Pheno mentioned. I have always been intensely bothered by the promoting of drastic thinness not only due to personal taste, but more importantly the well being of those girls and the girls that admire them.

I'm always amazed by the hypocrisy of some designers and agents that promote bone protruding thinness while frowning on obesity. Not having enough food is the equal opposite of having too much food!!!!

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wow Pheno, all my respect for your opinion :thumbsup:

The last really curvy body was in the 90's ie the era of the true supermodel. What are they now? Look at the last Victoria's Secret show the alleged ultimate authority on what is sexy. Why are they bringing in high fashion models... are they sexy no they sell the clothing because it hangs right. Erin Wasson was so thin you could see her sternum, her ribs to an almost unhealthy degree. It almost looked like in her inner thigh the muscle was collapsing because their was no 'meat' on it. That's sexy?
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What is a 12 year old boy doing on the runway? :yuckky:

wow Pheno, all my respect for your opinion :thumbsup:
The last really curvy body was in the 90's ie the era of the true supermodel. What are they now? Look at the last Victoria's Secret show the alleged ultimate authority on what is sexy. Why are they bringing in high fashion models... are they sexy no they sell the clothing because it hangs right. Erin Wasson was so thin you could see her sternum, her ribs to an almost unhealthy degree. It almost looked like in her inner thigh the muscle was collapsing because their was no 'meat' on it. That's sexy?
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This is an excellent topic. Also, I did notice that some of the models for VS were thinner than in previous years.

The fashion industry is so out of touch with reality. Yet they always think that they are the authority on thinking forward. As you said, there is a lack of intensity. It is saying something when a model walks down the runway like she owns the damn thang. But of course, the designer wants them to look straight ahead with no emotion because its about their clothes.

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Yeah, it's true. :( Our civilisation has gone mad. Sometimes I ask myself if I saw a model on the street, would I really see her as a beautiful girl? Not to mention these new modes who look like hangers for clothes on the runway. In real life they're walking corpses. Anyway, we can't judge alll the models for being skinny. A lot of them have fierce and passion for modeling and I believe that every model doesn't starve herself.

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encantador, i have to agree with you on some of that, some<not all> of these girls are just skinny and awkward teens

but i htink they are few and far between.. most of the girls work to get to a size 2 or 0

i tell people all the time that when tyra was a teen she was SKINNIER than many of the walking skeletons.

most of them <the ones who are truly naturally that thin>

fill out, over time.. its when they get to be 21, 22 and they still look like death warmed over that i

get concerned/annoyed

now i want to talk about this

in the late 80's thru mid 90's male models looked like MEN, good looking, rugged men

some were prettier than others, but i never recall looking at a photo of a male model

and saying to myself ,'this fucker looks like hes 15 yrs old!!!!!!'


these boys are prettier than any girl i know, are smooth and hairless

and as sexless as a ken doll

the whole industry, male and female is ripe for revolution

because the majority doesnt want this, the only ones who do want this

are pro ana people and pedophiles.

tooboku made a good point on the same version of this thread in the guy disc

that real masculine men arent the target buying audience for

the clothes that the designers put out... so theres no point in having

real men rep the brands because the boys, skinny sexless, staying up all night doing blow

guys are the target audience <i might have paraphrased a bit>

real guys wouldnt be caught dead in the clothes anyhow

darn boku and his rationality!!!! lololol

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The left model is one strong, handsome man with bushy eyebrows. :laugh: The right model is kind of weird looking young man. :blink: These new guys are just...weird. Young, pale, skinny models are not hot at all. (They should model upon Mathias or Jonathan. :drool: :heart: :laugh: ) When I see all these guys I wonder if designers even want them to look attractive.

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hey joeh... to answer the question about who should stop the madness

i think its got to be us, we speak with our money, ive been saying that alot

lately,we dont buy the mags, that sends a huge message, we dont buy the clothes

the sends an even bigger one.then the message will work down from the designers and mag editors

and then to the modelling agents and so on and so on......

you had a point about sleek rich 40 ish women buying

the couture brands and a fact that i forgot is that versace, and D&G and all of the other big mens fashion houses

do have the classic mens designs available... but when it comes to the ads, and who is on the runway

its up to us.... instead of blindly picking up vogue or vogue homme or details,

keep your money..... a message will be received.

now if you had a pic of john pearson in his prime, That was a gorgoeous, manly male model :drool: :sex:

i found some


to me this^^ is what a male model should be gorgeous,masculine <without being a mountain man type>

accessible ==matthias is pretty, but what girlwants to go out with a guy thats prettier than her?>????

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