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Image Editing Questions

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I thought this the best place to ask. I'm setting up a gallery for a hockey player I know, and whose career I follow. That being said I have a lot of pictures that are overly bright because the flash reflected off the ice. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Here's an example:


I'm thinking it's just a matter of levels ( I use photoshop ) but I haven't tried messing with it yet. Anyone have any other suggestions?

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You can "tinker" with 3 parameters, Brightness, Contrast and Gamma. Brightness makes the pic darker or brighter. Contrast increases or decreases the difference between the lightest and the darkest parts of the pic. Gamma is more difficult to understand. It defines how dark and light areas are weighted, how unlinearly the pic is interpreted. Look at the pic below to see how reducing brightness, constrast or gamma would affect to your sample picture. In this case reducing contrast is maybe the right thing to do and maybe brightness as well. Play with the parameters to find out how they chance the look of pictures. Right adjustments can make pictures look very good!


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I have tried before to download photoshop but I am computer retarded(I swear, it's a disease). Anyway, i'm stuck with a sucky paint program and I would be okay with that if it weren't soooooo stupid... it keeps doing this weird thing to the pictures and it's driving me insane... I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to fix it... or give me very descriptive step by step instructions on how to get a better (free) program.

Okay... here's a example of what it does... can anyone help?

293_kerr_miranda_102207.jpg gjd47389393.jpg
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