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  1. Thanks a lot for her new Guerlain ad.... she has a MAJOR campaign its great
  2. yaaay a new ad campaign for Bianca!!!! Thanks Francy
  3. shes got a new ad campaign! awesome! Thanks Francy
  4. the youtube account in my sig is mine....
  5. She looks gorgeous at the GoGo tales premiere!!!!!!
  6. yaaaay 200 pages!!! but im disappointed, i have been gone for so long and her thread doesnt grow as much as it used to...
  7. I'm coming with GREAT news!!!!!! Bianca will be at the FW08 fashion shows: here is a show card for IMG (this is her paris agency, that means she will be at paris :D)
  8. It so good to see Bianca in a real high fashion editorial!!! she looks so great... Huge thanks Birkin
  9. that's a really good question!!! NY Fashion starts very soon... that'd be so awesome if she's there or at least at Milan and Paris!!!
  10. ahh!!! finaly new stuff.. Bianca for a comestic brand, it's awesome!! Thanks Francy
  11. I'm glad she won the show, thanks for starting her thread lisa! I'm just thinking now, she's a little dull compared to the other models of this board...
  12. from Rome, but her father was calabrese..

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