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I believe that was part of it Fabi, but it was a combination. She was very depressed people didn't believe her, and she couldn't begin to understand why. Along with the Prince.

All I'm going to say, is personally I suspected she was before she even stated it, simply because she had always said things that made me wonder if she could possibly be that religious. I don't doubt it at all, esp the way the interview went and the fact she brought it up, not the reporter. Like I said before, I think it was amazing no one believed her when she was a religious girl to begin with. It seems like if your a beautiful girl, you can't dare have morals and be believed, it's quite sad actually. In a world full of Kim Kardashians where a sex tape made them famous and she's worshiped, why is it so wrong a naturally beautiful girl could actually be a "good girl". Anyway, like I said I find it hilarious we are debating this now when she obviously isn't lol

Sheebs, she wasn't angry she was being sarcastic...like you said like her humor....for people who haven't watched all her videos, she is super sarcastic. That's the way most of her die hard fans took it was sarcasm, because that's just her sense of humor. And she just said "I never smoked" and was smiling when the camera came back on which was a dead giveaway, plus the tone she said it in that it was sarcasm.

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oh gisele had breast implants before ? I didn't know it ......

I think that Adri has grown from the pictures of the nineties and two thousand , and at the runway pics (which arent' photoshopped) it's visible that she hasn't the big breast of the photoshopped victoria's secret pics

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^yes. check some of her runway shots. they were huge! lol...now she looks better :heart:

well, you can never really trust VS and their excessive padding...but still...im convinced its not all natural in Adri. And now that i think about it, and the times they looked bigger. that must be it- i bet she took them out, because i cant imagine her having them now, when she has ababy.

its not good for the baby. and she does seem like a very devoted mom. :heart:

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Again, I challenge you both to find me candids, where she is obviously not wearing a bra (she herself has said on numerous occasions she is attached to push up bras...and push up bras can add up to two cup sizes you your size) and it's a candid, she is still seriously flat. The reason people seem to play this game with "I bet she took them out" because honestly she never had them. People base this off of VS Show...hey did you know in all VS shoots and when they do the fashion show they use gel inserts, the bra is ALWAYS one cup size to small to make the model appear more busty, and even more. I can find you a photo of each year after 03 which is what people seem to think she had them...where she is flat all year long. (I can find them in shirts where it's visible she had no bra as well) Adriana IMO is the perfect size, she's a B cup, and at a B you can be push upped to look like a very full C, small D. Put a size to small bra on and the push up, it'll easily take you to double D. VS push up bras are the best for a reason, they can really make you look bigger. She has said in many interviews before she ALWAYS wears a push up bra to events and when she's out...so to see her without one is when you can see she really is still that B she grew into. You can't base this on appearance candids, you have to base it on candids out and about.








(photo above on beach)





2009..and on can all be pregnancy related.

Did anyone know here that a woman's breasts can swell and etc with weightless? It's rare for a woman to be one breast size her whole life, esp a woman like Adriana who has always fluctuated with her weight. Or that a woman who is pregnant and breastfeeding afterward, that her breasts can gown up to 4-5 cup sizes bigger (3 is average)

Some of you say after 08, before and after 03, well now their gone...well in between all those times Adriana can be seen completely flat.

No as for Gisele...that one is obvious. Yes she's obviously had them in and out. I'm not against plastic surgery or breast implants, I have a surgeon who owns his own practice in my family. But when it's obvious someone doesn't have one I don't think rumors should fly.

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Collegegirl and Fabirock- I dont think it's possible for us to have a normal discussion. Some people's obsessions here border on insanity. Seriosuly.

I really wanted to have a civilized discussion with Adriana's fans who can argue, but accept others' views, not with fanatics.:blinks:

It really makes me sick and not wanting to speak with someone or learn something about a model that i didnt know, when everyone jumps defensively if one word against their fav is being said.

Makes ppl not even wanting to visit the forums. :(

ps: hahah. even MissLimaVzla and LostSoul cant agree on Gisele either. wow. if you say Gisele didnt have implants, then im about to go hit the bars tonight...:rofl: seriously

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