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  1. bravo emily! more and more work
  2. One more warning about the baiting and you will be banned from this thread. ~ Post Edited by Joe > Average "HER face adorns a poster in New York's Times Square, she fronts major US fashion campaigns and one of the world's hottest men is her boyfriend -- so life is good for Australian model Shanina Shaik. The 19-year-old, tipped by fashion experts to become as successful as Miranda Kerr, has won a raft of lucrative fashion campaigns since moving to the US two years ago after coming third on the Channel Seven series Make Me A Supermodel. "After the show, I went straight to New York, and I haven't been back to Australia for two years," Shaik told The Sunday Telegraph. Along with campaigns for label Ann Taylor and US department store Macy's, the Melbourne-born model's latest shot for Aeropostale can be seen in Times Square. The Chic Management model, who is in Australia for Christmas, said she hopes to work for Victoria's Secret next year after narrowly missing out on the lingerie label's 2010 catwalk parade. Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar. .End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar. Her love life is also booming -- she has been in a relationship with US pin-up boy Tyson Beckford, 39, for more than a year."
  3. if you are irina's fan and follow her work, you would KNOW that sh hasnt had any work done on her body and if you truly have seen her work and photos, you'd have seen some, where she is 14, 15, 16 year old and has those big lips, therefore, she hasnt had anything done
  4. Shanina is no longer in the board of NYMM. Either her contract expired or they dropped her due to lack of work.
  5. morpheus your amazing )) THANKS A LOT! never seen these...do you have more?
  6. great finds morpheus!!! more please
  7. or maybe because of the other new forums that have been opened. feel like more and more people every day choose the newer forums over this one. anyways THANKS FOR CARRYING ON SO FAR WITH THE COMPETITION ))
  8. thats sad i thought more people were gonna vote. i thought the idea was awesome (( im sad we stopped the voting! but i understand you, its been so slow i guess few people listen to good old music and more prefer to discuss some crappy models
  9. ppl you are way too picky! seriously...take it easy no one is perfect, i bet your hair isn't exactly for a shampoo commercial either is it?
  10. this would be a dream come true for me
  11. very well fashion icon. you just copied and pasted the past few posts from lovevsmodels. you need to credit the site!
  12. ^^yes, wait and se the finished product, dont judge based on some 2 min video
  13. i love that version Qball!
  14. original: 6 cover:9 original-1 cover-4
  15. the last one is so sexy never seen it before!
  16. original-6 cover-3 2.5 each
  17. no its never been posted before, thanks so much!
  18. cop11, you have to distribute 5 points between the two. not 6
  19. yay finaly my nominations!!!! ORGINAL: 10 (my fav song) COVER: 3 (i like the techno remix but her voice is not as good as madge) original-5
  20. oh i see. its coming out in the UK? i was cheking his website but unfortunately it only listed his work and didnt give any photos idk who put together his book, it better be good. its sad he died.
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