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Oh those are Janoskians....some new teenage thing I'm not even sure what they do but they are popular


Yeah I know Ariana grande dates one of them but Beau Brooks tweeted her because they used her name in a song chorus... As savana already posted my bad, But they are pretty popular judging by their twitter followers and what not.


Third song Adriana name has been dropped in. She just continues to slay lol


And the funny thing is they are from Australia... Thought they would have used a certain other model's name lol

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What is 3rd song?


The cake song by the jackonians. Fat Joe mentioned her in another a few years back. And kanye west did too


Ok adriana's name has been dropped in a few lyrics but the ones above are by the most relevant/popular artists.

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She seems to have done interviews over the past couple in days in person and maybe over the phone to a lot of Latino media. I think today they will announce her as an Ambassador for the World Cup.

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