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Found 82 results

  1. ILUVAdrianaLima

    Post Your Crush Of The Day.

    This is simple and straight forward, post your crush of the day whether it be a model, actor, athlete or singer. Here is mine for the day Michea Crawford
  2. Enrico_sw

    Models/Actresses & Music

    This thread is for sharing music videos with models (or actresses), whether it's a music videoclip or just a video with music, or more generally sutff about models and music. Thanks for your posts
  3. These were from 2009 until 2011ish, with the commercials directed by Greg Maya: 1. Brunette: 2. Blonde: 3. Redhead, I'm not sure but is this Viktória Vámosi or am I crazy? I have my doubts. Sorry for all the photos and whatnot. And thanks in advance.
  4. Well, I at least know it is NOT Mini Anden. But I can't identify her. Clairol Natural Instincts Hairswatches Here's all the adverts I have found with this model: Actually for this ad, there are two models, both I'd like to ID: I'll try to get some screenshots up when I can and share them in the next post, if needed. Thanks in advance! *11/12 update: First model is Glenna Neece. Don't know who the second is yet.
  5. hairmodelfan

    Sherri Hill Models IDs

    Just wondering who they are. Thank you in advance! Not sure if all are or have been Miss Universe contestants, but that may help narrow a lot of them down. 1. Diana Avdiu 2. Hayley Corbett 3. Tyrie Rudolph 4. Stormi Bree Henley From left to right 6=Olesya Stefanko?,7=?,8=?,9=?,10= Zana Krasniqi. 6-10 might end up having shared models.
  6. she’s so beautiful and i just wanna know who she is if anyone knows
  7. valeadicto

    DOLLY Magazine Models

    DOLLY was an Australian bimonthly teen magazine started in 1970 by Fairfax Ltd. in Australia and New Zealand, and purchased by ACP in 1988. The magazine became online-only publication and ceased the print edition in December 2016. Dolly was the basis and inspiration for Sassy Magazine (1987-1996) in the United States. The magazine is aimed at teenage girls (13-17 age group) and covers celebrity news and gossip, fashion and beauty and various feature articles attractive to female teenagers and dealing with issues that are faced by this age group and gender.
  8. Modelzpalace


  9. lovemodelling

    Anastasia Belotskaya

    Anastasia Belotskaya Height 5'9.5 / 177 Bust 34 /86 Waist 24/ 60 Hips 34/ 86 Mother agency: Wilhelmina NY
  10. Does anyone know the name of this Yandy.com model? Thank you!
  11. valeadicto

    Argentinian magazines

    Here we can share Covers, Editorials, ads, from Argentinian magazines (specially fashion content or celebrities) from different years.
  12. Power of Nature Director: Pavel Salek Hair: Wendy Iles Brand : Xposure Productions Product : Montage Reel Year: 2010 I know one of the models is Marta Morilla, I just can't identify the other two: Thanks in advance!
  13. Juilce

    2017 Revolve Models?

    Can anyone ID these Revolve models? Thanks. 1. Alina Boyko 2. Katie Fitzsimmons 3. ? 4. ? 5. Bruna Lirio
  14. a list of models who have worked for Bare Necessities. No IDS. Don't Add pictures of models who are already in the thread unless the links are broken. This is just a list. Mostly booked from New York agencies. The original thread of this has gone missing. I would appreciate you guys adding the older images that I probably will forget about especially from retired models.
  15. PinkCouture

    Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017) Location: Shanghai, China Show Date: Monday, November 20, 2017 Broadcast Date: Tuesday, November 28, 2017 Performers: Harry Styles, Jane Zhang, Leslie Odom, Jr., Miguel Angels: - Adriana Lima - Alessandra Ambrosio - Candice Swanepoel - Lily Aldridge - Elsa Hosk - Jasmine Tookes - Josephine Skriver - Lais Ribeiro - Martha Hunt - Romee Strijd - Sara Sampaio - Stella Maxwell - Taylor Hill PINK Spokesmodels: - Grace Elizabeth - Zuri Tibby Veterans: - Karlie Kloss - Barbara Fialho - Devon Windsor - Cindy Bruna - Dilone - Megan Williams - Sui He - Maria Borges - Kelly Gale - Daniela Braga - Georgia Fowler - Herieth Paul - Blanca Padilla - Alanna Arrington - Sanne Vloet - Bruna Lirio - Maggie Laine - Leomie Anderson - Leila Nda - Lameka Fox - Jourdana Phillips - Liu Wen - Xiao Wen - Ming Xil - Bella Hadid Newcomers: - Roosmarijn De Kok - Samile Bermannelli - Estelle Chen - Amilna Estevão - Alécia Morais - Aiden Curtiss - Alexina Graham - Grace Bol - Gizele Oliveira - Nadine Leopold - Victoria Lee - Vanessa Moody - Frida Aasen - Xin Xie - One Wang Fit Models: - Barbara Fialho - Devon Windsor - Cindy Bruna Fantasy Bra: "Champagne Nights" (Lais Ribeiro) Sources: http://www.wmagazine.com/story/victorias-secret-fashion-show-moving-to-china https://www.victoriassecret.com/fashion-show
  16. hairmodelfan

    Models from Pantene Pro V "3D" Ad

    Well, this has been bugging me since I've first found it, even though I'm not too keen on having so many threads that are UnId'ed here all at once. Oh well. Some info on the ad: Director- Jim Sonzero Colorist- Steve Rodriguez Film editor- Bob Mori Flow- RED R eye L eye grading, 3D finish Year- 2010, I think? I also want to say it is an ad for Pantene "Nature Infusions", but I'm not 100% sure. Model # 1: Model # 2: Both models, I feel like I might have seem them somewhere : Obviously, if needed, I'll provide more screenshots. Once again, thanks.
  17. hairmodelfan

    Amazon.com Majestic Swim 2011

    Was wondering who these models were from Amazon.com Swim 2011 by Alexei Hay #1. #2. Here is a link to a video of the photoshoot: Thanks in advance.
  18. Prettyphile

    Victoria's Saltiest

    Big thanks to everyboulevard for the thread name! People say some really dumb shit when it comes to models, especially VS models. The amount of salty, emotional, batshit crazy comments found on social media is mind blowing and frankly hilarious. Please feel free to participate. I'll start with these posted on Ed Razek's Instagram account. FBgate What the hell is in your mind? You let lily represent the fantasy bra, let the newest angel open the show, and let gigi walk on the runway? Are you crazy or something? @behatiprinsloo DESERVES THE FB MORE!!!! THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW IT. I'm gonna hate this year's VSFS, for sure. Screw VS. #totalpissed #behatideservesFBmore #screwVS ------ @ed_razek please, i'm like crying on my bed literally. Please, i can't wait untill next year to see behati wearing the Fantasy Bra, for god's sake. Please, don't break my heart twice. You already did it last year, but please don't do that again. Please. Behati for fantasy bra. She deserves it, don't you have eyes? Please give us another miracle, come on, you can do better than this. VS can do better than this. Sorry not sorry, I'm already hating this year's VSFS. #BEHATIFORFANTASYBRA #BEHATIDESERVESFBMORE #SCREWVS
  19. Does anyone know the names of these models from Fashion Nova? I see so much on some of the others (Yodit Yemane and Sierra Skye especially) but have never seen these anywhere else.
  20. ILUVAdrianaLima

    2015 Fantasy Bra prospect choices.

    Who's your guess for this years FB? Vote for your candidate.
  21. charlesx

    ID model

    Help ID the model(s) shown here
  22. ciccio84

    Miami Fashion Week Models

    Hi guys, instead of creating thousand of posts I have decided to put all the request into one gallery. Every image has a youtube video reference title just below. 1) 2) VICHI Swim S_S 2018 Collection Swimsuit Runway Show @ Miami Swim Fashion Week - FUNKSHION 3) ACASIA Swim S_S 2018 Collection Runway Show @ Miami Swim Fashion Week - FUNKSHION 4) 5) AQua Swim Style Fashion Week _ Swimwear Fashion Show 6) 7) Beach Bunny Funkshion Miami Swim Week 2018 8) Du Aqua _ Spring Summer 2017 Full Fashion Show _ Miami Swim Week 9) Luli Fama Swim S_S 2018 Collection Runway Show @ Miami Swim Fashion Week - FUNKSHION 10) Montce Swim Funkshion Miami Swim Week 2018 Help me find those beautiful ladies. Thanks
  23. hairmodelfan

    Macy's ID Thread

    Sorry this is a lot. Thanks in advance. #1. Jennifer Lamiraqui This model was also in a number of Herbal Essences ads: #2. Linda Vojtova #3. Guadalupe Tomic #4. Cerelina Proesl #5. Aryka Noble #6. Katie Zeller #7. Gabriela Rabelo #8. Renata Maciel Dos Santos #9. Sanja Matic #10. #11. Melissa Haro "11.2" I think this is the same model: No this is a different model than #11. Hana Nitsche? Will post more of this one in a later post. #12. Ana Lisboa #13. Fanny Anselme #14. Lilian Queiroz #15. Same as 14 #16. Annika Dop #17. Jildou de Jong #18. Louise Donegan? #19. Amy Hixson #20. Veronika Pfeiferova