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  1. VENDELA KIRSEBOM by Shaun Higson Date unknown Via Alamy Images
  2. VENDELA KIRSEBOM for Elizabeth Arden. Mirabella, February 1990 Via ebay
  3. VENDELA KIRSEBOM Saks Fifth Ave catalog, fall 1988 via ebay
  4. VENDELA KIRSEBOM for Elizabeth Arden. British Elle, April 1989 via ebay
  5. VENDELA KIRSEBOM with János Solyomu, Hungarian-Swedish classical pianist, and Hans Herngren. September 23, 1978 Photo by Kenneth Thorën Via ebay
  6. VENDELA KIRSEBOM Higbee's Catalog Christmas 1989 Via ebay
  7. VENDELA KIRSEBOM Laura Ashley catalog Christmas 1988 Via ebay Other model?
  8. Vendela Kirsebom modelling for Nivea shampoo, 1985. SOURCE: njord22 on eBay link
  9. Vendela Kirsebom modelling for Sposabella by Demetrios, 1987, and Elizabeth Arden, 1990. SOURCE: american_vintage_ads on eBay link 1 link 2
  10. Vendela Kirsebom modelling for Laura Ashley, 1991. (My scans) I do not know the identities of the other models or the photographer.
  11. Delete if previously posted. http://www.kb.dk/pamphlets/dasmaa/2008/feb/daellsvarehus/object103841/en/#kbOSD-0=page:4 http://www.kb.dk/pamphlets/dasmaa/2008/feb/daellsvarehus/object103841/en/#kbOSD-0=page:6
  12. These are extraordinary! Thank you, snmkytkn.
  13. I think this may have been posted before but not this large. Thanks, @specdude . There are two (pricey!) copies for sale on eBay right now; here are the links to them if anyone is interested: $50 copy & $35 copy
  14. I wish I could bid on these, but I have banned myself from buying "unnecessary" things off of eBay this year... plus the shipping is almost 40 USD!! Thank you for sharing these cool discoveries, @missparker7 .
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