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  1. Yeah. I know. She's doing good :) how are you?

  2. well, it's simply adorable picture of her :) and i can't pass by ;) not so many appears of nicole recently :( also sad that she's not on the runways anymore..

  3. hey pinky! how are you? i don't know was it my local problem but bz didn't work for few days.. i realize that i'm so bz-addicted haha! how's your goddaughter? :)

  4. soyee! i'm home now.. and online. of course if you still not sleeping)

  5. damn report cards! i'm in msn all these days. so if you have a minute ;)

  6. my friends invited me, then we go maternity hospital to our friend. she have a girl :woot: then celebrated it haha

  7. hi! you know russian? btw, checked your homepage, found few pics of nicole that are really new for me. if you find some new pics of her you are welcome to post it here in bz :) thanx

  8. btw, peugeot gets pole in the first qualification day! 2nd audi #2, 3 - peugeot #7 and 4 - audi #1. uuuhh!!! it's gonna be hot in the weekend:)

  9. yes, i'm trying to kill lazy guy in me:))) but can't rofl. so what you do these days?

  10. edit: not hours of course, years hehe...

  11. oh man! so glad to meet lemans fans! yeah, i'm looking forward for the race too! i think it would be one of the most interesting races for the last few hours! audi vs peugeot! i like audi very much and their line-ups awesome too! but i will support peugeot! go lions! respect to you 2!

  12. i'm great thanx! :) last week was i had a defence of my diploma project and everything was great! now just enjoying the summer :) and how have you been? ..my fav pinky :)

  13. i'm good thanx. had a defence of my diploma project in university this monday. everything was great! now do nothing :)

  14. hi andrea :wave: how are you? :)

  15. btw, 3 stars it's too little for a cute girl with nice tastes ;) hehe (voted)

  16. wow! great place near gibraltar! well, moscow great as well as it's huge hehe.. like new york or london... crazy rhythm of big city :)

  17. pretty good:) it was very hot in moscow a couple of days ago. about +35! but now a bit colder... where are you from? country - spain i know:)

  18. me too:) actually i speak spanish only with dictionary:) your toplist is great btw ;)

  19. hola! how are you?

  20. WTFWTFWTF??? where have you BEEN??!!! soyee, i damn missed you!

  21. yes, we'll say everything we think about them when they come:))))))))) i g2g. see u on the bz pages. take care

  22. oh, yeah.. dianne too:( they should organize their time like us - with all our business we find time to check bz out! bad girls :(

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