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  1. idk. i wrote her few messages, but still no answer. hope she's ok, just a bity busy. though me busy too with my diploma work, but still visit bz. DAMN SOYEE, we are very worrying about you!!!!

  2. me too thanx. not talking for a very long time... also i miss soyee:(

  3. hey! how are you? ;)

  4. is your nick about rally driver miko? ;) actually he do great!

  5. i'm fine thank you. and how are you? this time i got club weekend haha. so we're not boring here. glad that you liked the song;)

  6. actually.. i think i'll share with my thought here, because don't want to hurt anybody... well, actually if i don't think that someone who's post the pic pretty enough i just keep silent;)

  7. hey josh :) ....WHERE'S YOUR POSTER???!!!!

  8. hey! ;) congrats with your own thread!

  9. where are you? :persuazn:!!!!

  10. dessi! i'm so happy to see you back!!!

  11. not the beauty, but otherness. and i find it funny:)

  12. i like your ava dude!

  13. hey! i'm in... you know where :shifty:

  14. hey! moscow is snowy this days and very cold! waiting for spring warm:) how are you? london is warmer:)))

  15. hi :wave: check your pm ;)

  16. fine, playin my favorite cds and vinyls, smoking and preparing for my brother's bithrday tonight:) and how are you? still on holidays?:))

  17. of course, i will! with new mittens :laugh:

  18. gone for beard cutting:))))

  19. he-hey! i'm here! are you still hungry? i ordered dhl express delivery! it will be delivered on the square infront of seoul plaza hotel in big pink bag soon:))))

  20. hi! i'm cooking at the moment:) will come back soon ;)

  21. :rofl: honestly, i'm on the floor too, hahaha:)))))))))

  22. yes we do, so what? who cares? :laugh: btw, i'll grow this beard and then make mittens for you :rofl3times:

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